Praying for fruitful July

Even though it is two days late still I want to say hello and welcome the month of the July.  Yes, the first half months of the year has bid goodbye and the first month of the second half has just sits in.  Time and days really flies so fast these days.  It was like yesterday when I first glance the month of January now we are on the seventh month, July.  I am so thankful that we are on the seventh month and I am still blogging.  I am able to survive doing this part time job for the past six months.  Even if the writing jobs are very slow still I am able to renew my blogs.  Though I have to let go five of them.  I am so sad.

Anyways, as the first day of July kicks in I got new writing job.  I am the happiest saying that this is a good sign.  Hopefully this blessings will continue so I can help the family like I used to when I earned more than I expected.  I pray that this month will be a fruitful month for me and in the coming month.  I will do my best to deserve this blessings by working so hard and will update this blog as much as I could.  Thank you Lord God for this blessings.

Blessing of his motorcycle

I have mentioned in my other blogs that my brother has new toy, a motorcycle.  It was a dream come true because I must say.  He has been aiming to have motorcycle long time ago, but the sister did not help him to get one for some reasons.  When he got a job, his first mission is to buy a motorcycle so he can go home anytime he wants because his job is far from us.  Anyways, he got his new toy a month ago.  He is processing the papers and all so there will no problems in the future.  The papers are done and it is blessing time.

After the mass yesterday, his motorcycle was blessed by the priest.  The blessing was an abrupt decision but it went very well.  We had a simple feast yesterday.  Few friends were invited for the blessing of his motorcycle.   The celebration yesterday was simple but a memorable one because his close friends were there to celebrate with him.  I pray that God will watch him always and will bless him always.  I also pray that God will guide him always and keep him away from any danger on the road.   Congratulations to my brother for the new toy.  Indeed, when you dream of something, go for it, make a plan and make it happen.


“Share your blessings”.

I have heard this phrase many times already and I always put this in my mind.  That is why as much as possible I want to share my blessings to my family even if I left empty handed.  My family is my life and my inspiration to go on with life and work harder.  It is so sad sometimes when they asked for financial help from me and I cannot give them even a cent.  It is a good feeling to share to others especially when they smiled back at me and even better if I heard the word thank you from them.  I will never get tired of helping and sharing what I have to my family because what I have right now is because of them.