Post-Christmas Party Celebration

Last Sunday, my friends and I celebrated our post-Christmas party celebration.  Yes, it is very late due to very busy schedule, including me.  We are too busy with our preparation for the holidays that we cannot plan for our Christmas party last December 2017.  We will have our Christmas party after the holidays.  Never late than never, as they say, because we have our post-Christmas party last Sunday.  Finally, we planned for the date, the venue, and foods.  The first plan was to have our party at the pool, but we changed it at the house of one of our friends.  Fewer expenses and we can do sing-a-long session.   We are not singers, but we love to sing.

Anyways, the party was fun.  We sing, eat, dance, and drink wine.  Yes, we drink only wine because I do not drink beer or liquor.  Wine is safe for me.haha!  Our party was filled with laughter and we talked a lot.  It seems like we have not seen each other for years and we are catching up for the lost times to bond with them.  Indeed, being with true friends is a treasure forever.  I am treating them delicious foods for I will be celebrating my birthday this month.  I cannot treat them to eat outside because I am on a tight budget.  I am glad they like the foods that I made for them.  Thank you, ladies, for the time, the laughter and the fun.  Till our next bonding session.

Movie date with my nieces

I admit I am an avid fan of the country’s phenomenal love-team ALDUB.  I’ve never been this addicted to any of the love-teams in the country.  I myself can’t believe that I am hooked to this AlDub love team.  Well, maybe because they are natural and happens accidentally.  It started with a simple smile and wave and the rest is history.  The AlDub love-team first starring movie is now showing nationwide.  The title of the movie is Imagine You & Me.  I do not want to let it passed just like that.  I will for sure find time to watch the first ever starring movie of my idols.  I have watched the thriller and I so like it.  It is a hit for sure.

Since I do not have special someone to bring with me, I take bring my two nieces with me who happens to be an AlDub fan like me.  It was a wonderful movie date with my nieces last Sunday.  We are having a great time watching the movie f our idols, done window shopping and eating our favorites.  I spend much last Sunday but no regrets because I spent it with my love ones.  Even though they give me so much headache, still they are so dear to me.  Hopefully we can do bonding more for it is really fun.  And we are waiting for the next movie of our idol the AlDub.  Oh, before I forgot, the movie is great.  You should watch it.

Saturday date with my college friends

I seldom go out on Saturday because this day is my rest day. Where I can relax, rest and get more sleep. Going out on this day will make me tired. But sometimes I do like to go out especially when someone is treating me. Going out and eating my favorite foods for free is better, right? Haha! When my college friend messages me through Facebook I get excited when she told me that she will treat me and Ada for dinner. She said that she wants to make it up because she did not able to come to our date last valentine’s day.

The invitation is perfect because I really feel like going out to get some air. Plus seeing her after years would be nice. It is really great to see my college friends after years. It makes me feel that they haven’t forgotten me/us and still values our friendship. My Saturday was a memorable day for me I must say. We talked a lot and smile a lot while having our dinner. My friend Nessa, treated us in the family nice restaurant. It is my first time to be there and I thank her for that. Thanks for the treat Nessa, till next time. God bless you always! Above is the photo of my college friends, Ada, Nessa and me.

The family spent time at the mall

Because of the father’s condition, we postpone the plans of having our family bonding because he cannot go with us.  Also, we cannot left at home and having fun while the father is having a hard time due to arthritis.  He cannot walk nor move his body the normal way because it seems like the arthritis.  He is not feeling well when I and older brother went to Bohol, and when we came back home still he can’t walk due to arthritis.  I can see in his face the boredom and irritation.  He continues taking the medicine prescribed by the doctors though.  We promised that when he gets a bit better, we will bring him to the mall to unwind and have our family bonding.

True enough the father gets better last week.  After church we went to the mall, have our lunch at our favorite fast-food chain and ordered our favorite value meal.  After lunch, we left the kids at their favorite play area while we are doing window shopping.  It really feels great seeing the family having fun and relaxing.  And it feels even better because the younger brother and his family came to spend time with us.  The whole family is complete spending time at the mall.  I wish for more family bonding, also wish for the father’s health.  I pray that his condition will get better and better.

Watching Korean-Drama with my Brothers

My two older brothers used to teach me when I am watching Korean-Drama online.  They said that I am like a crazy person watching movies with the dialect that I don’t understand at all.  But I told them it has English translation.  Even though they still tease me because instead of concentrating on the movie, I am busy reading the translation, which is true.  I just laughed at them.  They are peeking on what I am watching sometimes.  I can tell that they are curious because they asked me about the story of what I am watching recently.

After telling them about the story of the Korean-drama that I am watching, they got interested and now watching the movie with me.  I like it because it’s been a while since the last time we watch movie together.  Also, I like it because they are able to know English words while reading.  I explain to them if there is word/s that they don’t understand.  I am not saying that my brothers are illiterate just that they are not familiar with other English words.  The funniest thing is that we make our own translation in our own dialects and they we laughed together.  I like our bonding now, thanks to Korean-drama.  My brothers now are addicted to Korean-drama.  Woohoo!