Better luck next time

I was in my dreamland when I hear someone calling me and touching my feet.  When I open my eyes it was my SIL waking me up because her son (my nephew) has very high fever.  The SIL is so nervous because it was so sudden.  I sleep around 2:30 in the morning and the SIL wakes me up at 3:00 in the morning. nyay!  I feel like floating after I stand up and help the SIL.  We stayed awake up to 4:00 in the morning after the fever of the nephew cools down and the nephew feel asleep.  It was a sleepless night for us so to speak.

We are suppose to go to the beach but because of the nephew’s situation, the beach bonding is cancelled.  Better luck next time for us.  Instead of family bonding time at the beach, today would be the rest day for all of us.  We just have to stay at home, rest, sleep or maybe play cards like we used to do.  If not, I would be facing the computer and doing my stuffs online.  But I have to take a nap first before doing my online stuffs to regain the energy from sleepless night.  My day is complete because I started it attending an early mass.  God bless everyone!

Grandfather and grandchildren bonding

Photobucket Photobucket

The above photos are the memories we have during our summer vacation.  It is my father with his grandchildren having a good bonding while swimming at the beach.  My father will swim all the way down to the sand and get something to give to his grandchildren.  So cute and sweet isn’t it?  The second photo is my niece riding at the back of her grandfather while swimming.  I can tell that they are having a good time at the beach.  And enjoying the water, wave and the white sand beach.  This bonding makes the family vacation a wonderful one.  Oh well, the kids love to swim and always wants to go to the beach.  If you notice, the color of my niece skin is darker now.  Which means she stays longer in the beach.  haha!

Bonding with my sister

I was decided to go home since the doctor was not around when we arrived at the clinic.  The sister and I heading to the street where we can ride public vehicle when the sister suggested that we will be going to the mall instead.  It was a good idea since we seldom do the bonding because she is busy at work and taking care of her baby at home.  We will just roaming around the mall, window shopping and spend time together and of course with her one year old son.  The supposed to be unwinding at the mall turns out to be a little shopping. haha!  The sister bought some stuffs for her house and her son.  And me thinking of buying new bed sheet for my bed.  It was last year since the last time I bought bed sheet. Everybody should have the opportunity to have fun, and Article Writing Services can help bloggers find the time.

After doing the “shopping” (haha!), we get tired and hungry.  Time to eat I bet.  We went to our favorite fast food chain and treated my sister and my nephew.  It feels good to treat a person especially my sister who has done many things for me in the past and at present.  She has gave me a lot and shared to me many things.  It is time to give back the favor she has given to me.  I also bought a knee shorts for her.  My late Christmas present.  Last Saturday was one of the memorable bonding between my sister and I.