They plan to come back

When the younger brother and his wife decided to put up their own business in the province of his wife, the moved out of their house and have it for rent so they have extra income aside from the income they earned from their business.  Their business is a success however, they only rented the pace where their store is located.  They have been there for almost four years and their business is doing well.  The problem is that the contract will end December of this year.  Even though though they want to continue running the business the owner of the place does not want them to have another contract.  The reason is that they will be using it to put up a store.

The brother and his wife doesn’t have any choice but to move out and decided to go back to their own house.  We are so glad because we will be neighbors again.  They only have three months left to move their stuffs out from their store.  They are thinking of continue doing the same business in the village and will run another business in the market near the village.  The father is helping them getting a place so when the contract ends, they already have a place to put all their products.  Hopefully they business is a success and will be profitable.  Good luck to them and welcome back.  We are glad you decided to go back.

His new investment

My older brother is living with his girlfriend for a year now.  And they are planning to get married early next year.  While waiting for the biggest event of their life, they are saving money for their wedding also for their new build home.  My brother and his future wife, wants everything to be settled before their wedding day.  I am really happy of my brother’s life right now.  The lonely and sad man is now the happiest man on earth after meeting the woman he is praying for.  He never thought that he will get married after many failures in love life.  Indeed, God will give you something better.

My brother’s new investment is land.  Yes, he just bought a land in the province of his wife to be.  The land has coconut trees and other root crops.  It is a nice investment I must say.  The brother spent his savings wisely and thought of the better future of his family.  We haven’t seen the land he just bought yet, hopefully after their wedding day.  I pray that the brother’s investment will give him and his future family a good life.  Also pray that the Lord will shower them more blessings and will always guide them in everything that they do.  Congratulations to my brother to his new investment, new house and wedding next year.  May God bless both of you always! 🙂

Feeling like a marriage counselor

Few days ago, the SIL visited in the hospital where my niece was admitted because of dengue fever.  It is nice seeing here and feels good that she visits us because they live far from us.  Just a bit sad because my brother and nephew was not able to come with her for some reasons.  Anyways, at the hospital the SIL shared to us about their problems.  She told us that my brother is not helping here doing the stuffs at their store.  I felt sad for her especially when I saw her crying.  Right there, I can tell that something is wrong with them and it is serious.

I do not want to jump into my conclusion, I want to talk to my brother first to know the real story because I know my brother very well, and he is not that kind of a person.  Good thing they’re in the city yesterday.  I really wanted to talk to them to resolve the misunderstanding before it will get worse.  We meet at the mall yesterday.  I did not waste time because they will go back after buying stuffs for their store.  Yes, I am acting like a marriage counselor.  Their issue/problem is very simple to make it big.  I talked to my brother and hear his side of the story.  Just like before the brother listened to me attentively.  I give my very best advice to my brother and I hope it helps.  I do hope that they will fix their issues soon for them to live a harmonious life.

Wedding bells this year

My older brother and his girlfriend visited us last Monday.  The brother usually message us if he is coming home.  But today we were surprised to see them early in the morning.  Well, I guess they intended to surprise us because we keep on asking him when will he come visit.  Yes, we missed the brother very much.  He seldom comes home because he is busy with his new job.  Instead of taking his day off, he chooses to work and the reason is he is planning to settle down this year.  Oh yes, after a year of in a relationship they finally decided to tie the knot.

I must say that the father is the happiest person on earth when the brother told him last Monday that they are planning to get married this year.  I remember, the father keeps on bugging them about the wedding.  Now his wishes is coming true.  My father is so excited of the good news, well, all of us are.  Finally the brother will take another step of his life.  I am so happy that the brother finds the girl of his dream.  He found the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with and have family and the girl who accepts and love him for him.

Wedding bells are coming for brother and my future sister-in-law.  At this early, I want to extend my congratulations though the date is not yet finalized.  I pray that they will love each other and they will be blessed with little angels to complete their family.  God bless on your journey together.

He is planning to settle down

I have three brothers and one sister.  Three of them are married and have their own family.  Only the older brother and I are single.  Every time the family are complete and spending time together, they always tease us of being single at our age especially the brother who is older than me.  We just laughed about it because we are used to it, but their are times that we get offended.  We know that we are single and we are aware of that, you do not have to remind us all the time.LOL  We just tell them to wait and see.

We are aware that the brother has a girlfriend.  They are in a relationship for months now.  We haven’t see her yet because she lives far from us.  Though the brother told us that he will bring other to our house.  Last Sunday, the brother and I had a talked.  He told me that he will be visiting his girlfriend’s town.  He also told me that he is planning to marry her.  It is good news and I am happy for him.  However, I am partly sad because the brother will settle down and have his family of his own soon.  I will be the teasing object of the family after that.LOL  Anyways, I am happy for him and hopefully this is the girl that God has given to my brother.  I wish him all the best in life and happy life ahead.