They plan to come back

When the younger brother and his wife decided to put up their own business in the province of his wife, the moved out of their house and have it for rent so they have extra income aside from the income they earned from their business.  Their business is a success however, they only rented the pace where their store is located.  They have been there for almost four years and their business is doing well.  The problem is that the contract will end December of this year.  Even though though they want to continue running the business the owner of the place does not want them to have another contract.  The reason is that they will be using it to put up a store.

The brother and his wife doesn’t have any choice but to move out and decided to go back to their own house.  We are so glad because we will be neighbors again.  They only have three months left to move their stuffs out from their store.  They are thinking of continue doing the same business in the village and will run another business in the market near the village.  The father is helping them getting a place so when the contract ends, they already have a place to put all their products.  Hopefully they business is a success and will be profitable.  Good luck to them and welcome back.  We are glad you decided to go back.

Happy to share my views

Earlier at the school, I am having a good conversation with a friend.  She is thinking of putting up her own business and also thinks of going back to school.  She is asking my opinions and views about it since I am older to her.  I am glad that she trusted me that much to ask me of my opinions.  Because I graduated a four year business course, I shared to her my views and opinions when it comes to putting up a business.  She is only high school graduate and lack of knowledge about business matters.  So, I am trying to give the best opinions I have based from what I have learned in my course.

I so missed having this kind of conversations.  The last time I have this kind of conversation was when a friend of my sister asked me to make a business plan for him.  It was a nice experienced even if he did not able to push it through because of financial issues, but having be able to share something to someone is a joy in my heart.  And be asked by someone to make a plan for them.  I still hope that he still has the business plan I made so when he is financially stable he can pushed it through.  Anyways, the conversation I had with a friend earlier went well.  She likes my opinions and views.  I do hope that I am able to help her in making her decisions.  I wish her well, and hope her soon to be business will be profitable.

Thinking of venturing into another business

The motorcycle of my sister is on standby for eight months now.  It is used as public utility vehicle in our village but when my older brother got a job, he stopped driving and their extra income has stopped too.  She is looking for a driver but have not found one with driver’s license.  There are some applying as driver but no driver’s license.  Since they can’t find driver for their motorcycle, the sister and her husband decided to surrender the franchise and send the motorcycle to the province of her in-laws.  It is useless to keep it, not earning and continue paying the tax.

This is the reason why the sister is thinking of venturing into another business.  It would be best if they have extra income aside from their salary.  She asked me of a nice business to start because she wants us to be partners.  I have already suggested of a possible business to start but she is not liking.  I think I should conducts feasibility study, good business plan, where to put it, profitable business and of course our target market.  It is not an easy job to do I must say, however, I will try my very best.  Hopefully when I am done with the study and survey, the sister will like it so we can start the business sooner.  Good luck to us!

Foam for knee pads

I like watching sports, especially basketball and volleyball. The sports are very much exciting and entertaining to me. Lately I am hooked to women volleyball league here in the country. I sometimes I dream that I am one of them. Haha! It is really entertaining seeing the girls diving for the ball to keep it alive. That is why they are wearing knee pads to protect their knees. Seeing the knee pads get me an idea to make knee pads and sell it. Since this summer there will be a summer sports fest in the village, I will be selling knee pads for the participants. I will just buy foam sheets for knee pads and other materials needed to make knee pads. And then search online on how to make it perfectly. Also, I can post it online who knows people will get interested and order from me.

Congratulations to your new business

Few weeks ago, the younger brother told me about their planning to put up their own business.  They already have small business near their house, but the kind of business that he is planning to put up is a printing business, the business that he dreamed of to manage and own.  My brother finished a vocational course about graphic designs and finished four years college course related in computers. Also experienced to work as graphic artist.  I can tell that the brother has enough knowledge to start a printing business.  I am praying that one day his dreams will come into reality.

This morning a beep of my cellphone woke me up.  He lives far from us.  I got a morning message from the younger brother.  He asked about us and I asked about his life.  We haven’t heard from him lately and receiving his message this morning made me smile.  He informed me that his printing is now open and starts the operation.  I can tell that he is so happy.  We are so happy for him because his dream is starting to come true.  Congratulations to my brother and I hope that his business will be a successful one.  I wish to visit him soon to see his printing business.  I hope sooner.