Because I am busy

A month ago I already checked the Christmas decorations and the old Christmas tree.  I have to get it ready because I am planning to put up the Christmas tree after All Saints and All Souls day.  But I did not able to do it because my older sister gave birth last October 31, 2016.  I got so busy helping her because she does not have housekeeper.  I was the one attending her at the hospital and when we got home I am helping her with the kids and the chores at home.  She gave birth via C-section, so she has to avoid getting so tired.  As much as possible she needs to rest and do minimal movements at home.

Because I got so busy I forgot to put up our Christmas tree at home.  I did not notice it until my nephew and nieces asked me when will I put up the Christmas tree.  My goodness, no spirit of Christmas at home.  It is not too late though, I still have days to do it before Christmas.  I just have to find the perfect time to do it.  I do hope that I will be able to do it this week.  This Wednesday is National holiday, not so busy day for me because there is no class.  Hopefully our Christmas tree will be up this week.

Perfect Season to Buy

I know we are not a family of singers, but we can sing. And singing is the common denominator hobby we have in the family. We used to sing-a-long every Sunday after attending a mass, but we haven’t done it lately since our microphone is not working. The brother bought a cheap one but it did not last long. We decided to buy a good quality microphone. The price is a bit higher but it is worth it to buy I must say. Since there are lots of sales/discounts during Christmas season, we have to wait till Christmas season to buy new microphone. The long wait is over because the perfect season to buy is already here. We have seen the classic line 6 wireless at musicians friend while browsing, and we decided to buy it. We are pretty sure that this brand would last longer for it is of good quality. The sing-along at home this Christmas eve would surely last till morning.

Surprise present for my brother this Christmas

One way of showing my love to the family is to give them presents during Christmas.  I give presents to them once a year so I see to it that I give them the nicest gifts.  The gifts that they would surely love and appreciate.  I started buying gifts for the family early because I do not like to be in a crowded malls and department store.  Buying early is what I used to do to make sure there are plenty of stocks that are available.  I have experienced that I was not able to buy what I want because the size that I want is no longer available.

On my list, there is only one left unchecked is the name of my older brother.  I have not decided yet on what would be the present that I would buy for him.  I am thinking of buying something different for him this year.  I want to surprise him, so I decided to buy him thing that he likes.  And since he smokes, buying Padron cigars this Christmas.  Thinking about it makes me smile because I am pretty sure my gift would make him smile.  I know I always told him to stop smoking however, he never listens and it is his decisions.  He has been tasted different cigars before and the one that I am going to buy is new to him.  And the fact that this is new to him, it would definitely complete his day or should I say his Christmas day.