Against all odds relationship

To have someone with us to share feelings and love is the wonderful experience.  Everybody dreamed to have someone with them aside from their family to share everything in life.  This is what my cousin found to someone she is with right now.  They are in the relationship for almost a year.  It is her first boyfriend and I am happy for her.  The only issue is that her family is against of their relationship.  It is not new to us because it happens in movies and in real life.  The most important is that you fight for your love and happiness.

Their relationship was criticized by her family because the guy is younger than her.  Who cares, age doesn’t matter at all if you love each other and happy with that person.  My cousin and I are very close and we share things when we are together.  But lately, we seldom see each other because she is busy with work and I am busy babysitting my nephews and niece.  However, we do communicate through exchanging message on the phone and in Facebook.   I pity her because her relationship is not supported by her family.  Feels like she is all alone and the only refuge she has is her boyfriend who is always with her when she feels down.  It will be a long battle to win her family’s support to their relationship, but I am pretty sure that if she will not give up, she will get what she wanted.  I wish and pray for my cousin’s happiness and love.  I hope that the against all odds relationship will end so they will be fully happy and that her family will accept the decision she makes in choosing the one she loves.

So happy that we are okay now

My cousin and I have not talked each other for six years now.  It was just a pity quarrel that turned into a big issue because of our pride.  I must admit I did wrong to her but not as big and she did to me.  But I did not dwell on it.  I do not mind it before because I thought it will just die naturally however, she made the big issue out of it.  That is why our misunderstanding lasts for years.  I really wanted to talk to her and ask for forgiveness but refrain from doing it because of my family.  My cousin is the kind of person that will make you a lesser person.  This was all from the past.  My cousin and I are okay now.

My cousin and I are okay now.  And I so happy that my prayers were answered.  We did not talk about it anymore.  We just talk to each other like nothing bad happens before.  It is not good to bring back the sad and bad things that happen in the past.  The feeling is great knowing that we are okay now and we becoming friends again.  Though there are awkward moments when we talk.  Hopefully, we get over with this awkward feelings.  I wish that we will bring brack the closeness we had before.  Not sooner because we are like strangers as of now.

I will surely think about it

Last week at the wake of my late cousin while talking to the other cousins, they open up the topic about me and my other cousin misunderstanding.  It has been five years now since the misunderstanding incident occur.  We have not talked to each other since then.  I did not bother to settle the things between us because I think it is useless knowing the attitude of my cousin.  I decided to just ignore her every time we see each other on birthdays, fiestas, and other events.  It is not easy I must say because we used to be good friends before.  It is just a pity quarrel that turns out into a big issue.

Anyways, my other cousin suggested that I should make the first move instead so we can move on and we forgive and forget.  To be honest, I have thought about it many times already and even consulted my family.  But they said no to me.  The wounds in their hearts is not healed yet.  I guess it needs more time to heal and finally will forgive and forget.  Only God knows what is gonna happen in the near future.  I will surely think about doing the first move of coming to hear and patched things but first have to consider my family’s opinion because they were hurt too by her words.

May you rest in peace

My cousin is battling for lung cancer for years now.  It was in October 2012 when she was diagnosed of having stage four of lung cancer.  Her whole world collapses when the doctor told her that and the worse she was given six months to live.  Tears are overflowing and even asked God why.  He undergone chemotherapy and tired possible things that will cure  her but her cancer is very aggressive.  It spread on some parts of her body and organs.  She is in pain but not showing it to her family.  She always said she is fine even when we noticed that she isn’t.  She only prayed to God that she will be able to go back to her family before her time to leave comes.

Her prayers were answered because she arrived in the country two months ago from Japan with her daughter and sister.  Her condition is worsen.  She can stand up and can’t speak clearly.  She cries when in pain.  The six months reaches to 2 1/2 years.  She wants to fight but her body is so weak.  Her family talked to her, tell her to go and her daughter will be safe.  After hearing those words, she close her eyes.  It is very painful to see a family member leaving however, it is double the pain when you see her/him in pain every day.  She is now free from pain and will be in God’s place.  Rest in peace Manang Gloria.