Against all odds relationship

To have someone with us to share feelings and love is the wonderful experience.  Everybody dreamed to have someone with them aside from their family to share everything in life.  This is what my cousin found to someone she is with right now.  They are in the relationship for almost a year.  It is her first boyfriend and I am happy for her.  The only issue is that her family is against of their relationship.  It is not new to us because it happens in movies and in real life.  The most important is that you fight for your love and happiness.

Their relationship was criticized by her family because the guy is younger than her.  Who cares, age doesn’t matter at all if you love each other and happy with that person.  My cousin and I are very close and we share things when we are together.  But lately, we seldom see each other because she is busy with work and I am busy babysitting my nephews and niece.  However, we do communicate through exchanging message on the phone and in Facebook.   I pity her because her relationship is not supported by her family.  Feels like she is all alone and the only refuge she has is her boyfriend who is always with her when she feels down.  It will be a long battle to win her family’s support to their relationship, but I am pretty sure that if she will not give up, she will get what she wanted.  I wish and pray for my cousin’s happiness and love.  I hope that the against all odds relationship will end so they will be fully happy and that her family will accept the decision she makes in choosing the one she loves.

Stand Corrected

Sometimes in our life we do commit errors, mistakes and bad decision.  Who to blame?  No reason to blame anyone because it is us who made it.  We find it hard to accept if we fail because of the decision we made.  In every decision that we make, it is accompanied by success and failure.  That is why we needed to think a million times to make sure we are making the best decision we have in life.  Success will make us keep on moving and strive harder because we are inspired but if we fail, our disposition in life change.

Advices and opinions of others are very important to help us out in decision-making.  As they say, two heads are better than one.  And I agree because I do apply this in making decision in life.  I admit I have had failures in life and talking to my sister makes me feel better.  I did not make a wise decision that is resulting to failure.

Acceptance is never easy; it is good to be stand corrected.  For correction is one way to make us realize that what we did is not good and we have to make another approach.  If someone does a little correction of your job, be happy for it means they care and will only wants what is the best for you.

Together Again

My father has been widowed for 23 years now.  He has various girlfriends before and now.  At present he has two. sigh!  Good thing is he never married again.  Which we do not like because my father is old already and we are not sure if the girl will take good care of him.  Last three weeks ago, he and his other girlfriend broke up.  We are glad because we do not like her.  He went to his other girlfriend.  When he got sick, his other girlfriend didn’t show up.  Time where my father needed her the most.   My sisters talked to the girl and said do not contact my father again because their relationship is finished.

My father condition reached to his other girlfriend and she visited my father.  We do not want her to come in but we cannot afford to hurt her feelings because she is concern.  I do not know what are her motives of coming back.  Sad to say they are back and together again.  They have been broke up many times for so many reasons.  It is my father’s decision to let her come in and give their relationship a second chance.  We do not want him to get married again, because we want him to enjoy his money.  He is a pensioner and we want him to enjoy his money alone.  Not in dating and other things that wont help him.

I just hope that my father will think carefully and will make a wise decision.

” I am not sure”

This is what my younger brother answered to us after we asked him of his plans about his life.  He is been in a relationship for three years now.  We think that it is not a healthy relationship because my brother doesn’t have time here at home.  Plus the attitude of the girl is not that friendly.  She always wants my brother to be beside her and serve her.  We cannot take it anymore especially nowadays that we needed him because of my father’s condition.  He always stays at the girl’s house serving the girl while me is busy taking care of my father.

Early this evening, we did have face-to-face talking and counseling.  Very serious talking we have ever since because of our younger brother.  He really needed some counseling and we needed also to be open to each other of what we really feel towards his girlfriend.  We haven’t seen a good point in her but our brother is too blind to see the real attitude of the girl.  We asked him about his plans for that girl.  He said, he loves her but not sure if he will marry her.  Very confusing answer he uttered.   We want him to decide because he gives more time to that girl than to us who is his family.  We are giving him until Sunday to decide, and hopefully he will make a wise decision because there is no turning back.  We will respect his decision and we wish whatever it is he will not regret it.