Against all odds relationship

To have someone with us to share feelings and love is the wonderful experience.  Everybody dreamed to have someone with them aside from their family to share everything in life.  This is what my cousin found to someone she is with right now.  They are in the relationship for almost a year.  It is her first boyfriend and I am happy for her.  The only issue is that her family is against of their relationship.  It is not new to us because it happens in movies and in real life.  The most important is that you fight for your love and happiness.

Their relationship was criticized by her family because the guy is younger than her.  Who cares, age doesn’t matter at all if you love each other and happy with that person.  My cousin and I are very close and we share things when we are together.  But lately, we seldom see each other because she is busy with work and I am busy babysitting my nephews and niece.  However, we do communicate through exchanging message on the phone and in Facebook.   I pity her because her relationship is not supported by her family.  Feels like she is all alone and the only refuge she has is her boyfriend who is always with her when she feels down.  It will be a long battle to win her family’s support to their relationship, but I am pretty sure that if she will not give up, she will get what she wanted.  I wish and pray for my cousin’s happiness and love.  I hope that the against all odds relationship will end so they will be fully happy and that her family will accept the decision she makes in choosing the one she loves.

Life is a world of challenges

We do encounter lots of difficulties and trials in life.  It makes life more challenging. Though it makes it wants to give up especially when the trials are too heavy for us to take.  We sometimes asking why it happens to us?  But we must know that those difficulties won’t be given to us if we cannot handle it well.  Burdens makes us wiser and stronger.  We just must believe in ourselves that we will get back and surpass whatever trials and difficulties we are facing. And most importantly, we should keep the faith, continue praying and call God’s guidance always.

My brother is facing another trial now.  His second daughter was admitted in the hospital last Monday.  I feel his pain and feel so sorry for him.  He even said that he is the unluckiest person on earth.  It is not good to say it, but I understand that he said it out of desperation and frustration.  I know that my brother is a strong person.  He can handle whatever trials comes in his way.  But just recently, he just felt it is too much.  As a family, we extend our arms for him.  Give him comfort and encouraging words for him to not lost faith and believe in God.  Everything happens for a reason.  Maybe it is God’s way of testing him on how long the brother will be able to handle it and his faith to Him.  To my brother, do not give up and continue moving on.  We are here for you.  And will help you as much and we could.

The brother’s secret

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Lately, I have noticed that the brother smiles secretly every time his phone beeps.  I can see his eyes are glowing and came home late.  Not too late though, but go home later than the usual.  I can definitely say that the brother is inspired. Inspired by whom and what, that is for me to find out.  I am eager to ask the brother because I am so intrigued about his actions, smiles and the glows in his eyes.  However, I did not bother to ask because I am scared that he might not like it.  I do tease him sometimes, to force him to say something but I get a smile answer from him.  So, I guess I just have to wait for the right time till the brother tells me reason.

The answer is so soon because the brother shared to me yesterday about the reason he is inspired, happy and glowing.  I suspected though that it is something to do with his love life.  He shared to me some secrets about his personal life (love life).  I must admit I am smiling while the brother is sharing it to me because I wanted him to be happy and I am happy for him too.  I do wish for the brother’s happiness in life and I wish this is it.

Hope he will go home

At 5 o’clock this morning, BIL, sister, brother and I will be going to the place where my brother lives and working.  It has been three months since he decided to moved out of the house.  Though we respected his decision, however, we do not agree of it.  I guess the brother is just confused of so many things.  We admit that somewhat we commits mistakes that pushed him to moved out of the house.  It was more of a misunderstanding that we hope it will patch soon.  And the only way to do it, is to bring the brother back home.

We always think of his well-being, his life, his situation and him.  We missed him very much and always pray and wish that one day he will come back to us.  He is the youngest among us siblings and we cannot just forget him that easy because my late mother won’t like it.  He was six when my mother passed away.  And we promised to her grave that we will take good care of the youngest brother.  Thinking that he is not here with us is like breaking the promise we made to our mother.

The family will be having a one week vacation in two weeks time.  We want him to join with us because we are family.  Also, we will visiting the province of our parents.  It would be best if we visit together.  It has been seven years since the last time we visited.  This is one of the reasons why we want him to go home.  Of course number one reason is that we want him to go home and patch the misunderstanding so that we could live happy life just like before.  I do hope that he will go home after the visit.

Restless Day

Because of my father’s condition, my day is a restless day.  I can’t find even a minute to relax because I have my nephew and nieces to attend too.  My father still cannot walk, move and stand.  We have to carry him every time he wants to pee, eat and drink water.  Very tiring and takes a lot of patience.  I felt my patience is running out because my father is too demanding.  And when I will no come right away when he calls, he yells and even says bad words.  He doesn’t understand that I have kids to attend too plus him and I am doing it alone.  Sometimes I wish to be superwoman to carry it all by myself.   Lord gives me more strength, extend my patience and guide me so that I will be able to stay strong.  I wanted to give up but if this is the cross I have to carry I will accept it with all my heart.  I know you wont give me things that I cannot carry; I thank you Lord for this because this is a test of patience and the love I have for my father as well as to my family.

Though today is a restless day, I am glad and happy that I am able to manage it.  I wish to have a good night sleep tonight, as I do not have a good night sleep last night.  And that is because of my father’s condition.