Good to see her smiling again

Every day my life becomes lighter because of my four months old niece.  Seeing her smile brings more life to me always.  I do not feel tired after doing the household chores because of my bubbly niece.  I am her temporary nanny while her parents are still looking for a nanny.  While I am her nanny, I spend more time with her, kissing and hugging her.  Savor every moment with my niece and taking lots of pictures.  I always miss the niece’s contagious smile.  Last week, the niece is not feeling well.  I so missed her smile I must say.

She has a fever for four days.  We almost brought her to her pediatrician to check her up because we are so worried that it is dengue fever.  I am glad that her fever subsides after five days.  But sad because the niece’s body is full or rashes.  She keeps on crying maybe because she felt very itchy.  The rashes give the niece a hard time.  Her mother (my sister) give her antihistamine.  The niece feels better now.  The rashes are gone and she is back to being a bubbly kid.  I can see her pretty smile now.  I really missed it.  Thank God that the niece is okay now.  It is really good to see her smiling again.

Get well soon kids

Today is not a good day for us.  The three years old nephew and 13 years old niece has fever.  I keep on monitoring their temperature from time to time.  I was not able to take a nap and do my laundry because I have to watch the kids especially the nephew.  Fever scares me to death because of this dengue fever disease.  Dengue fever cases in our city is no joke.  The city government is already declaring a dengue fever outbreak.  Fever nowadays is scary that is why when any member of the family has fever, monitoring is important.

We have given the kids paracetamol for the fever, and vitamin C so they will regain strength.  Also give them small feeding.  It is really difficult seeing them sick.  Sometimes I wish that I have to power to transfer the illness to me because seeing them so weak and not energy at all is painful to me for I am used to see them laughing, playing, running around the house and fighting.  The niece took a half day class because she is not feeling well.  Her temperature jumped up to 40.2 and it is so alarming.  Now the nephew and the niece fever slows down.  I hope that they will get better soon.  God send your healing power to them. Amen!

Missed their summative examination

My six (6) years old nephew is doing well at school.  On his first three weeks, he is showing good results in their daily quizzes, drawing, writing and reading.  Just like his two sisters, he is studious and very competitive student.  He likes to open his notebooks and books than go out and play with his friends.  In preparation for their first summative examination, the nephew is studying his lessons every night, he practice reading and spelling as well with his mother.  Sometimes I help him when his mother is not around.  I must say that he is so ready for the examination.

However, the nephew had fever after their father’s day celebration at the beach.  He was absent from his class for a week because he is not feeling well.  His temperature reaches 39.8 degrees.  His mother brought him to the doctor already.  The doctor said that the cause of his fever is due to stress.  He got so tired that is why his body collapsed.  We felt relieve because it is not dengue fever.  We already bought the prescribed medicines.  The nephew is getting better and we are so happy.  But sad that he missed their first summative examination.   Good thing their teacher will give him special examination.

Abrupt doctor’s appointment

The nephew is not feeling well for the past two weeks.  He was okay after the sister bought medicines for his fever and cough but the fever came back after two days of being well.  We just continued the medication at home because the thought it was just a month ago since the last time we visited the doctor’s clinic.  We are aware that it is not good to do self-medication but still the sister decided to do it.  She just followed the last prescription given by the doctor.  We just continued the medication hoping the nephew will get better soon.

Unfortunately, early this morning the nephew’s nose is bleeding.  The sister is so scared as well as her husband.  The bleeding happens three times that is why the sister decided to bring the nephew to his pediatrician.  It was an abrupt appointment.  We are glad that the doctor is not that busy.  When we arrived at the clinic there is only one patient left.  New prescription is given to my sister and advised us to have CBC- laboratory for the nephew.  The nephew will take higher dosage of antibiotics for his cough and new vitamins for his immune system.  After seeing the laboratory result, the sister felt better and calm.   We learned lessons today, it is not good to self-medicate.  Though we know this already but still doing it.  Why?  Because bringing to doctor is another expenses.  Which is wrong because if the situation is getting worse, we still going to the doctor.  So if you or your kids is not feeling well, go to the doctor and do not do self-medication.