Hope I make her feel better

In life we do make bad decisions, commit mistakes, failed, succeed, and many others.  These experiences is a good teacher because we learned from it.  We can use our bad experiences to do better.  Stand up and strive harder.  These are the things that makes life more challenging.  It is not easy I must say.  There are times that we want to give up and back out.  But giving up and backing up is not a good option either.  Instead of doing it, we have to challenge ourselves to continue the journey till we reach to our destination.  Which is to achieve our goals, dreams, and ambition in life.

These are the things that I shared to a friend who is seeking my advice.  She married young and have a son.  Her life is not easy, I know because marrying at a young is not a good decision, but as a friend I am just here to give my points of view based from what I have heard, read, watch and my experiences in life.  I am single but I know the difficulty of a married life.  Not all though.  *wink*  Anyways, since she is seeking my advice I give her my points of view, and possible solutions to her problems.  It is not easy though because I can feel her pain and struggle, but I see to it that I am able to eases the burden in her heart and mind.  I hope that I am able to make her feel better.  Also, hope that my advices gives her the peace of mind that married life is full of trials, ups and downs, misunderstanding, but at the end of the day communication is the key to make things smooth and a wonderful journey together.

Happy to share my views

Earlier at the school, I am having a good conversation with a friend.  She is thinking of putting up her own business and also thinks of going back to school.  She is asking my opinions and views about it since I am older to her.  I am glad that she trusted me that much to ask me of my opinions.  Because I graduated a four year business course, I shared to her my views and opinions when it comes to putting up a business.  She is only high school graduate and lack of knowledge about business matters.  So, I am trying to give the best opinions I have based from what I have learned in my course.

I so missed having this kind of conversations.  The last time I have this kind of conversation was when a friend of my sister asked me to make a business plan for him.  It was a nice experienced even if he did not able to push it through because of financial issues, but having be able to share something to someone is a joy in my heart.  And be asked by someone to make a plan for them.  I still hope that he still has the business plan I made so when he is financially stable he can pushed it through.  Anyways, the conversation I had with a friend earlier went well.  She likes my opinions and views.  I do hope that I am able to help her in making her decisions.  I wish her well, and hope her soon to be business will be profitable.

Touched by her story

She is lucky enough with complete family, her mother, father, sister and brother. They were a perfect example of simple but happy family. Her mother is so kind and loving. Despite the hardships they have encounter in their life; they remain strong and keep fighting to live. However, things have changed when her mother and younger sister passed away. Her father and brother doesn’t care for her that much. She is very lonely, and seeking for love and attention. Fortunately she founds love and attention from someone. She decided to live with her man and try to build a happy life.

On their few months of living together, she is got pregnant, but had a miscarriage. Although she is sad, she just accepted that maybe the child wasn’t meant for them. She and her man still living together and after a year and a half, she got pregnant again. I can tell that she is one of the happiest women in the world. She gave birth two weeks ago, but sad to say the baby died after two days. Her world crashed again. She was crying while we are talking. I felt so sorry for her and felt the pain she has inside her. Her life story isn’t that easy. She has no one to share things except her husband.   She doesn’t know the whereabouts of her father and brother. Despite the hardships, struggles and trials, she managed to overcome it all and still able to smile. I am so touched by her story and touched of how strong a person she is. May God bless her always!

Helping her on how to make a resume

It was a wrong move when she left her job while waiting for the good opportunity abroad. She should have waited till the opportunity abroad is clear before living her job. She regretted it when her visa application was declined. Now, she doesn’t have a job and at her age, it is not easy to find a job. She tried to look for a job because her family depends on her, but she is not lucky enough to find one. Though she is hired from the company of her friend, but only for two months. She needs to find a job that will hire her permanently to support and help the family.

Her eagerness to work abroad has gone after she was declined. She just thought that working abroad is not for her. However, another opportunity comes when she attended their clan’s reunion. Some of her cousins are working abroad and promise to help her find a job there. She was told to submit her resume as soon as possible so they can find a job for her. I can see that she is very happy and excited. I help her on how to make a good resume. I showed to her the recent type of resume. I wish her the best. And I pray that God will give this to her because she really wants to help the family. Good luck friend. May God bless you in your journey to work abroad.

Straight from the USA

The friendship started when a blogger friend introduced her to me.  At first I am hesitant to be close to her because her feature is kinda strict.  But I proves it wrong.  My first impression is so wrong because this girl becomes one of my closest friends in blogging land.  And I am talking to my sister J (Jessica) who lives from the other side of the world.  The images below are the presents she gave to me straight from the USA.

Collecting kinds of stuffed toys is what I like to do.  I am just started, so I have few in my closet.  When I heard the my sister/friend Jessica is coming home from the USA, I jokingly said to her that I wanted a stuffed toy as a present.  I am glad when she said yes.  I am counting the days till the day she arrives from the USA.  To make the long story short, she did gave me this lovely stuffed toys as a present.  I like it very much and I love to hug it.

Aside from the lovely stuffed toy, my lovely and sweet friend sister Jessica, gave me this sweet snickers.  This symbolizes that sis J is really a sweet person.  I am so glad that I meet you online.  Though we haven’t seen each other, still you give me the kind of friendship that everyone wants to have.  The day I met you at Bisdak Bloggers Group is one of the memorable days of my blogging life.  I thank God for giving me such a lovely and sweet friend like you sis J…God bless you more.  I hope that one day we will see each other for real.  Lab yah sis J…kisses!