Decided to live with us

Last Sunday, the older brother and I get the chance to talk heart to heart.  He told me that he really wanted to buy their own house because his kids are growing.  They need to have their own house so they can buy their own stuffs.  They will not be able to buy household stuffs like furniture, appliances, and other things because the father’s house is too small.  No room to put their stuffs if ever they will buy some for them.   But the brother’s condition will not allow him to buy a house of their own for now because his two daughters are now studying.  They have to think of the kids studies first.

Prior to our heart to heart talk, I did talk to my father already my plans.  Since we still have space, I told the father to give it to his eldest son so that they can build their own house attached to the father’s house.  I am glad that the father likes my idea and agreed.  I guess he doesn’t want them to leave as well because he will be missing her grandchildren.  I tell to my brother what the father and I have talked.  And he likes my idea.  Woohoo!  They will stay and build their house attached to my father’s house.  I am so happy that the brother decided to live with us.

Paying in Full

My father and I just got home from a short business vacation last week.  We did not able to take a good rest after the long travel since we arrived because the home mortgage is keep on calling us regarding the payment of our house loan.  They have sent for closure noticed twice that is why we follow up it right away.  Our deadline for discount period ends today so we did our best to come up with the exact amount to pay in full our house.  After we come up with the exact amount, we immediately settle our account and pay the house loan.

Finally, we the house we presently residing is ours.  We did the payment today and we are just waiting for the title of the house and lot.  It is a good thinking that our worries are gone now because we already paid the home mortgage.  No more monthly payment because the house we stayed for years is ours finally.  Nothing compares the happiness that the family has right now and we thank God for guiding us to come up with the exact amount to pay the house loan in full.

Housing Loan

My sister is planning to apply for a housing loan that is offers for teachers.  It is a good opportunity because the place is not that far from the city and not so expensive.  Since my sister has already bought a house of their own, she is still thinking of applying for this housing loan for older brothers.  She was happy to tell this good news to my brother after they got home from work only to heard a ‘no thanks’ answer from him.  Well, they do not like the place and said they do not have money to pay for the reservation.  This is the second time my sister is offering them a housing loan.  She was so nice and caring to do this but decline twice.:-(

Even though they said ‘NO’, still my sister will get the housing loan for future needs.  Who knows one day my brother will say yes and grab this opportunity.  I guess my brother should talk to his wife about it and make a plan.  I just wish that they wont let this opportunity again passed by because opportunity knocks only once.  I told my sister to give him time to think about it and we are praying that he will say yes one day.:-)