Still waiting for the call

Since my sister got scammed by someone using the name of her friend sending message through phone, I don’t entertain phone calls and messages from an unknown numbers.  It is better to ignore them than be scammed by those bad people.  Few weeks ago, there was this number keeps calling on my phone.  I don’t answer the call because the number is not familiar.  After multiple calls, they sent message through my phone telling me that an employee or an applicant of their company referred me.  They want my full name and active phone number for initial interview.  Since I know someone working in their company, I gave my full name and phone number.

It has been a week since I gave my phone number to them.  I am still waiting for their call because I wanted to try to work in their company.  But I haven’t receive any call from them.  It makes me think that those calls are just prank call, however, I am consoling myself telling that maybe they are just busy and one day they will call me for initial interview.  I am praying and hoping that they will call soon because I really wanted to try and maybe be part of their company.  I really wanted a job, new work, new environment and new people.

The brother accepted the job

The brother is happy and contented with his job here in our village. He drives a public vehicle (motorcycle) in our village to the highway. Aside from the driving job, he also accepts electrical, constructions and welding jobs. His earnings are enough for him. He can save some and helps the family financially. But because there are lots of motorcycles running in our village recently, the earning becomes little. This is the reason the brother is thinking of finding a new job. He cannot focus on the constructions job because heavy work is not good for his health. Plus electrical and welding jobs are not permanent. He cannot depend on these jobs.

The prayer of the brother of finding a new job is answered because his former co-worker is hiring him. He was hired to do electrical job in another city. It is one hour and half travel from our city. The offer is good that is why the brother accepted the job right away. He will be working in a company manages by his classmate in college and he will be working with his close friends. The brother will be staying there and will be backing home on the weekends. I pray that the brother will be happy with his job now and I pray that God will always guide and protect him.

With the entire crisis that the world is facing right now, it is really difficult to get a job.  There are thousands of applicants for a few positions.  Sad truth I must say.  But despite of that, we still try our luck hoping and praying that we are lucky enough to be chosen and hired.  The competition is really tough especially when you are competing with experienced applicants and newly graduated college students with good statistic records.  These are the disadvantages that an applicant should face to get the job they want.  This is also the reason why some get a job that is not their field of studies.  What is important is that they have a job because they need to earn for a living.

I once was applied for a job that is not my field of studies.  And mind you it is really difficult because I do not have background about it.  I just gambled it because that time I really need a job.  Unfortunately I did not stay long because I am no longer happy.  It is really best to get the job you like, you have knowledge and interests.  It was a good and new experience for me though.  I still have thoughts once in a while of what would be like if I stayed longer.  Now, I am thinking of getting a job.  But the question is, Where, What, and How it is possible at my age.

Revolving makes easy

My brother who does construction jobs sometimes having a hard time in revolving the steel and aluminum stuffs because he does not have revolving machine handles. And because he does not have this tool, he is using the tools he has in his tools box. The problem is that it will take him some time to finish revolving it because he does not have handles. Since he does not have this tool yet, the brother’s next project is this one. He decided to buy it now because he feels the need of having it not like before. Having this would make his job easy and he could finish it faster. Revolving steels and aluminum would be easy having this tool to use.

The ice cream vendor

One of the noble jobs that I have seen are the vendors on the street and on the sidewalk. I admire their sacrifices just to give their family a decent life and support them financially. It is not easy job because they have to beat the hit of the sun to earn for a living.


 Anyways, the image above is the ice cream vendor I have seen while on the street watching the activities that the city is preparing for the Kadayawan Festival.  Which reminds me of my childhood days because I always asked my sister and brother to buy me an ice cream.  Though not all was granted.  This ice cream vendor is there to sell his ice cream to everybody especially to kids.  I bet this vendor sells a lot and I am happy for him because it means more money for his family.  He did not mind the heat of the sun that burns his skin.  All he cares is that he is doing it for his family.  Noble job, right?  Kudos to this ice cream vendor/s and other vendors on the street.