Referred to another doctor

After the shock-wave procedure and the medication, the father’s kidney now is as good as new.  We are so happy because the father is free from pain in his lower back.  But he has to visit his doctor twice a year to check on the condition of his kidney.  Last week, we visited his doctor and have laboratory tests.  The result shows that the father urine is clear.  No signs of infections and free from kidney stone.  However, his creatinine/acid is really high even though the doctor already gave high dosage of medicines.  The three months treatment to lower his creatinine/acid is not effective because the crea/acid result is really high.

The doctor is confused because it seems like no changes at all.  And he is worried that if the creatinine is still high, there is tendency that the kidney stone will form again in my father’s kidney.  High creatinine is the reason why the father is suffering from arthritis, swelling of knees, wrist, ankle, and pain on his joints.  That is why the doctor advice as to visit rheumatologist for he will know of what would be the right medicines to take to lower the creatinine.  Hopefully we can visit the rheumatologist this week because the father will be travelling to the province to visit his mom and some relatives.  It is best to bring medicines to cure if he happens to be visited by his friend arthritis.LOL!

The results made us happy

The father has undergone Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for his kidney stones.  The doctor prescribed medicines that my father needs for the complete treatment.  The medicines are good for one month because we will be visit his doctor after a month.  One month has passed and we are scheduled to visit his doctor for follow up check up.    Today is our schedule of follow up check up.  He took three laboratory examinations today to see if the shockwave therapy/procedure is successful.  We are hoping though that the procedure is successful because the father does not want the surgical procedure anymore.  To him, he has done it and will never do it again.LOL 

The laboratory examinations that the father took today has a good result.  The X-ray shows that there is no stones found in his kidney.  We are so glad that the procedure is successful.  The results made us so happy I must say.  But we have to visit his doctor regularly for monitoring because the doctor told us that the father’s kidney is a stone formator.  So, we have to be aware.  We are careless back then after the first operation of my father.  We thought that after the operation everything is okay.  Few years later the stone is back and it has to remove before it is too late.  We do not want to happen it again.  Anyways, we pray that the father till heal completely.  AMEN!

Thank God it’s done

The father is now happy that the problem of his kidney is now solved.  The Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy procedure for his kidney stone is done.  The non-surgical way of getting rid of the kidney stones.  After five months of drama, worrying, and looking for money.  Thanks a lot to my sister and my brother for the efforts.  They have contributed the money needed for this procedure.  My father do not want to undergo another kidney operation.  According to him, he is too old for that.   So the doctor suggested this non-surgical procedure.  It is better because it is cheaper compared to surgical procedure.

We are glad that we do not have to worry about the father’s condition.  Thanks to my siblings for all your efforts.  I so wish to help you both my contributing money but my resources is limited.  Anyways, the father is taking medicines prescribed by the doctor for a month.  After that, we will be going back for follow check up to check if the stones are gone and if the procedure is successful.  Thanks to God that we are able to overcome this another trial in the family.  Thank God for always there for us.  We wish and pray for the father’s wellness and health.  Hope that he is free from kidney stones.  Get well father and long live!

We really hope

After five months of looking for the money needed for shock wave procedure for my father’s kidney stone, the sister finally find a way.  We went to his doctor yesterday to have him scheduled.  However, the doctor did not give us schedule because he wants to see the latest laboratory of the father’s kidney to see the real situation of the stones.  The doctor wants to make sure so that he will get ready for the shock wave procedure.  He also asked if the father felt any pain  and massage his back.  The father didn’t felt any pain at all.

The doctor explains to us of the movements of the stones in the kidneys.  He said, five months has passed when he suggested for shock wave procedure and five months is too long.  There could have changes on the stones in his kidney.  The told us to take Ultrasound and X-ray of his kidneys.  Since the father did not felt any pain, shock wave won’t be needed.  And father will only take medicines for his kidney’s maintenance.  It is a relief.  We hope and pray for the best.  Hopefully the laboratory results is the same as we wish.  If that happens, it would be the best Christmas gift from above to us!

Seeking for financial support

My father undergone kidney operation eight years ago.  It was very tough then because we do not know where to get the money and we need it as soon as possible because the father is in pain due to the stone.  My sister loan money from the bank.  The operation was successful and we are glad that the kidney is intact and in good condition.  For eight long years, the father did not go to his doctor anymore for follow up.  To him, the stone is gone and his kidney is good as new. However, the kidney stone is back and in both left and right kidney.  He already feels lower back pain but not severe like before.

We went to the doctor and did some laboratory tests.  There are multiples stones forming in his kidneys.  The doctor suggested for another operation but my father refuses.  He do not want to undergo another operation.  We asked the doctor if there is another way to get rid of the stone without operation.  And the doctor suggested the shock wave method.  It is a bit costly and we do not know where to get the money.  The sister cannot loan anymore because she has unpaid loans.  We seek for helps from friends and charity institutions.  Hopefully we will get some financial support from the institution that we are planning to go.  We needed it very badly because the doctor told us that it is best to do the shock wave ASAP.  Help us God!