Enrolled and not ready to go to school yet

The classes for the school year 2017-2018 will start in two weeks.  The kids are already enrolled and we are glad but the kids are not.  Why?  Because they are not yet ready to go to school.  They said that their vacation is too short and they want to play more than going to school.  However, they do not have any choice but to go to school.  Tomorrow their parents will buy some of their school requirements and uniforms.  My niece and nephew will go to a new school. It will be a new environment, new people, and new classmates to make but I am pretty sure that they will do well in their new school and can adopt easily.

Aside from the kids, I am not ready yet for this school year.  I haven’t rested well I guess.  I haven’t had my me time for the entire school vacation because the sister is too busy attending seminars here and there.  I just have to breathe in and breath out and pray that God will give me more strength to do all my jobs with the kids.  It will be more tiring for me because I have my seven months old niece.  I just crossed my fingers.  Sleeping late and waking up early is coming up.  I need more vitamins and energizer.LOL

Are you or your kids ready to go to school?  Or still, have vacation hangover?

Cubes For Learning

When students are having a hard time learning concepts in math, unifix cubes might help. These are cubes that come in various colors, and each cube is considered to be one unit in terms of counting. The cubes lock together so that children can create lines that are various lengths. These lines represent a number. If you want to add two numbers together, you would create a line of cubes for the first number and a line of cubes for the second number. When the lines are created, the child can see how many cubes there are all together in order to get the answer.

This is a way for children to see a visual component of math. Some children learn better when they see something instead of just being told how to do a problem. You can print patterns from sites online so that children can copy the pattern. There are also math problems that can be printed so that children can practice addition and subtraction with the cubes. Children can practice sorting the cubes and practice estimating numbers. These are ideal for younger children as they are easy to hold and can be used for a variety of purposes.

More toys for the little boys

 photo toys_zpsykcyxdvo.png

Having little ones at home are fun but tiring.  It is tiring because they create huge mess in every corner of the house, quarreling over toys, teasing and the likes.  Even if they have lots of toys, they still fight over a certain toy/s.  But it is fun seeing them playing, exploring and learning each day.  However, lately, I felt like they are bored playing the same toys over and over again.  They do not like to play with it anymore.  Sometimes, the sister and I will bring them to the play area in the mall to play.  See and play new and lots of toys.

 photo banner1_zpstmdau9tl.png

Bringing them to the play store to play is tiring because it is far from our home and expensive.  I told the sister that instead of bringing them there and spend money, why not buy new toys for them to play at home.  Finding toys for kids are very easy nowadays, we just have to visit the  iprice.ph website and look for the kids and toys category. They have everything that you need for.  Added to this are their various of coupons that can be use to get great discounts and deals.   Indeed this site is worth to visit.  We do not need to go to the malls/department stores anymore because this website is a one stop shop.

Reminds me of my late mother

Bitter melon “Ampalaya” is my favorite vegetable.  It was my late mother who forced me to eat bitter melon when I was younger.  The mother used her power just to force me to eat bitter melon.  She always told me that this vegetable is very nutritious.  After several attempts, I am beginning to like the bitter taste of this vegetable.  She prepared grilled bitter melon and mixed it with grilled beef liver.  I did not like the taste of it so the mother prepared bitter melon with egg.  The bitter taste is still there but I get used to it and did like the taste of it until now.

The photo you see is the bitter melon with egg that I prepared two days ago for lunch.  FYI, I ate it all because it was really yummy.  I forgot my diet on that day.  Every time I prepare this dish, I always remember my dearest mother who used to prepare this dish for the family.  When I think about it, it made me sad because I missed my mother.  It made me sad also thinking and wishing that she is still with us and tasting my own version of bitter melon with egg dish.  I am pretty sure that my mother would be proud of me and would love my cooking talent.

I am beginning to introduce this dish to the nieces and nephew.  Sad to say they did not like it and will cry every time I forced them to eat.  But I will never give up like what my mother did to us.  I will see to it that the kids will appreciate the taste of bitter melon one day because it is indeed a very nutritious vegetable.

Already enrolled for school year 2012-2013

Same with other kids, my nieces are happy after hearing from their father that they are enroll already.  The kids are so excited about it because they missed their friends at school, they missed school and of course excited about their school requirements.  Though they do not have it yet, still they are happy about the thought of having new things..  The fact that they will be having new things like bag, notebooks, school uniform, shoes, notebooks, pencils and lot more.  These are the things that makes the kids so excited to start schooling.  And it is normal because I do have the same feelings decades back. haha!

Three more days to go and the school year 2012-1013 will starts.  The kids, teachers, schools and classrooms are almost done with their preparation for the first day of school.  Ten months of studying, learning  and reading at school will soon starts.  Last school was a good year for the kids (my nieces).  I do hope that they will finished with flying colors this year.  I must have new ways to motivate the kids to do well at school.  And I am thinking of one already.  I hope what I am thinking now is good enough for the kids to study hard and do their best to do well at school.  Good luck girls!