Professional Psychic Readings

Whether you have been a proponent of psychic readings and the spirit world for some time or are open-minded about discovering your life’s path through an alternative approach, a thorough psychic reading can bring clarity, peace, motivation and a renewed sense of purpose. A professional psychic gives readings utilizing a variety of tools: tarot cards, crystal balls, gems and crystals. They tap into the energy of the spirit world and physical world simultaneously, which allows them to awaken their intuitive side and provide a thorough reading.

One of the main reasons people seek out a psychic medium is due to some sort of imbalance in their lives. They may be perplexed about a major life decision, or they may be suffering from depression, anxiety or a general sense of hopelessness and are looking for guidance from the spirit world. Others are looking for career guidance or love advice.

If you have been single for some time and have come to a crossroads in your search for true love, a psychic reading with a love specialist may be just the tool you need to re-align yourself with the universe; the spirit world can show you what you need to do to attract a mate when the time and place are right. Some people like to go to psychics in their communities and bring friends or family with them for support.

If you are more of a private person and like the anonymity of online readings or sessions by phone, this can be a great alternative. You can have a reading from the comfort and convenience of your own home, and you will be able to relax and take away more from the session. There are many established psychic mediums who perform services exclusively online or by phone. One example of a company with significant experience in love psychic readings is Psychic Readings 123.

Whether you need to gain financial clarity, find love, determine your life’s unique purpose, validate your instincts, gain mental focus, or want help getting through a difficult chapter in your life, a psychic medium can help you uncover your true calling and offer you solutions for your problems. Whether reaching out to psychics is your first line of defense or a last hope, they can be invaluable resources in helping you regain control of your life and guide you towards the right path to happiness and contentment.

Because I am busy

A month ago I already checked the Christmas decorations and the old Christmas tree.  I have to get it ready because I am planning to put up the Christmas tree after All Saints and All Souls day.  But I did not able to do it because my older sister gave birth last October 31, 2016.  I got so busy helping her because she does not have housekeeper.  I was the one attending her at the hospital and when we got home I am helping her with the kids and the chores at home.  She gave birth via C-section, so she has to avoid getting so tired.  As much as possible she needs to rest and do minimal movements at home.

Because I got so busy I forgot to put up our Christmas tree at home.  I did not notice it until my nephew and nieces asked me when will I put up the Christmas tree.  My goodness, no spirit of Christmas at home.  It is not too late though, I still have days to do it before Christmas.  I just have to find the perfect time to do it.  I do hope that I will be able to do it this week.  This Wednesday is National holiday, not so busy day for me because there is no class.  Hopefully our Christmas tree will be up this week.

Hope she will get better soon

The SIL was the happiest when she told us that she is two months pregnant.  She found out that she is pregnant on her birthday.  It is God’s birthday gift for her.  We are so happy for her and wish that she will have a healthy baby.  We we’re talking about her prenatal check up, which doctor she will go, things to buy for the baby, because we we’re so excited.  Nothing beats the excited knowing that you’re carrying a life in your womb/tummy.  It is a blessing indeed.  I am so happy for her too because I always bother her to have a baby girl since her first born is a boy.

When the SIL visited us, she told me first of the good news.  Maybe because I always told her to have a baby.  Unfortunately, the SIL experienced miscarriage.  She lost her baby.  She cried to me and I really felt the pain she is having right now.  She asked God why.  As her older sister, I tried my best to comfort her.  Make her understand that maybe this is not the right time.  Instead of being sad and blaming herself for not taking care of herself well, I told her that she should be happy because her baby would be the angel up above that would watch them and making sure that they are all safe.  She is still in pain now, I pray that she will recover soon and move on.  Always thought of the bright side of everything, and always count the blessings even if you are experiencing difficulties in life.  God bless you SIL and hope to see that bubbly smile in you again.  Love You!

Learned their lesson

After the nephew was hospitalized for amoeba and dehydration, the brother and SIL learned their lesson.  They talked many times of the incidents when their son rushed to the hospital because the nephew collapsed.  In fact they are blaming themselves of what happens and even said that if something bad happens to their son, they will be blaming themselves for the rest of their lives.  But despite what happens, they never lost hope that their son will recover and get well soon.  Indeed, prayer is powerful because the nephew recovers really fast.  Happiness on their faces shows up when the doctor said they can go home.  Thanks to God.

It was a bad experienced for them but at the same time a good one.  Because it made them realized that self-medication is not good especially to kids, babies and young ones.  It is best to bring them to the doctor or hospital if the child is not feeling well.  Immediate checking up by doctor is the best way for they know the condition of the patient.  Also, they know that would be the proper medicine to give.  To avoid emergency, bring the patient to the doctor or hospital as early as possible.  Life is really choice, so choose what is best and the right way to avoid worse case.

Moving Out

Because of the situation that my family is facing right now, my older brother and his family is thinking of moving out of the house.  I must say, he cannot take it anymore of what my father is doing right now even me.  We are tying to understand him but each day he is getting worse.  I am thinking that this is something to do with his girlfriend.  Though I am not sure, it is just my feeling.  To avoid the fight and worsen the situation, my brother decided to move out of the house.  Though I am not sure when because they are still looking for a house for rent.  I will for sure miss the kids.  I am babysitting them for years and seen them growing up each day.  Thinking about it makes me cry.  But I have to accept that this is part of life and my brother has his own family and soon they will have their own house and moved out of the house.  I am not sure if I can still stay here in our house, I am thinking of moving out also.  Call us bad kids but we have to do this to give our father a lesson that he is wrong on his decision.