Feeling Better

The past week was very stressful for me.  It’s like a big storm is hitting me and never leave me until I have no more strength to fight for my life.  I never thought it would happen to me because I don’t think I did hurt someone to deserve it.  Thanks for my family and friends who are always there to give their comfort.  They give me strength and many reasons to keep the fight.  I have a better life ahead and they want me to see the bright side of what is happening in my life right now.

Another week is here and a better days ahead from now on.  I went to church this morning and asked for more strength and guidance to Almighty God.  I know I am being bad the past week because of what had happened.  I regret it because I did not able to handle it well.  It’s just that it happens very fast and I am caught unaware.  To bad there are people who are happy to see others life miserable.  I will get over this soon because you are not a lost really.

” I am not sure”

This is what my younger brother answered to us after we asked him of his plans about his life.  He is been in a relationship for three years now.  We think that it is not a healthy relationship because my brother doesn’t have time here at home.  Plus the attitude of the girl is not that friendly.  She always wants my brother to be beside her and serve her.  We cannot take it anymore especially nowadays that we needed him because of my father’s condition.  He always stays at the girl’s house serving the girl while me is busy taking care of my father.

Early this evening, we did have face-to-face talking and counseling.  Very serious talking we have ever since because of our younger brother.  He really needed some counseling and we needed also to be open to each other of what we really feel towards his girlfriend.  We haven’t seen a good point in her but our brother is too blind to see the real attitude of the girl.  We asked him about his plans for that girl.  He said, he loves her but not sure if he will marry her.  Very confusing answer he uttered.   We want him to decide because he gives more time to that girl than to us who is his family.  We are giving him until Sunday to decide, and hopefully he will make a wise decision because there is no turning back.  We will respect his decision and we wish whatever it is he will not regret it.


Stow Away

49 years ago there was a man decided to leave their province to find a greener pasture and better life in the future.  He was 15 years old when he decided to go to the city far from their province.  Since he has no money because he is still young, he decided to stow away.  He hides inside the bus and ship until he reaches to the city he wanted to start his life.  So aggressive to go to the city and find his future.   Scared yes, but his determination and willingness to have a better life he overcomes it all.  He got a job in the factory and secretly practicing how to drive then apply for a new job as driver.  Indeed when you want changes in life and be a successful one in the field you want to be, you can do it and achieved it sooner.

This is what had happened to this man.  He got married, have his own family and a decent job.  He is a responsible father and a good husband to his wife.  Sad thing is that his wife passed away early.  He raised his kids alone and give them a decent life.   His children have grown, successful and married.  And this man happens to be my father and I am one of his proud daughters.  Though we argue a lot, my respect and love for him will always be there.