February: The love month

When we say, February, the first thing that comes to our mind is love, date, couples in a special relationship, boyfriend, and girlfriend.  It is because we celebrate Valentine’s day this month.  The love month as many are calling it.  Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, flower shops, and the likes are in demand business this month, especially when February 14 arrives.  The couples are thinking of a nice place to go and celebrate valentine’s day.  Some families are going to the beach or park to celebrate this day with their loved ones and kids and spend quality times with them especially if both parents are working.

However, to some single individual, this day is like a torture to them.  Because their concept for Valentine’s day is for couples, boyfriend, and girlfriend only.  They tend to forget that they can still celebrate the love month even if they are single, for they can make this day extra special for their family or friends.  No reason to be sad when you are single on Valentine’s day because you can still celebrate it.  For a single like me, aherrrmmm, I will be spending this very day with the family, my nephews and nieces, and friends.  I have plans and schedules.  I will be with my family on Valentine’s day and will be with my friends the next day.  Even if I am single, I make sure that my valentine’s day celebration is a memorable one.  I have been doing this for years…haha!  So, being single on Valentine’s day is not new to me. *wink!

You are lucky he loves you

Love really conquers all. Because my brother still forgives her wife despite the fact that she is cheated on him. She left him twice to be with another guy, but still the brother accepted her without second thought. The brother didn’t mind of what his wife did to him. To him what is important is she comes back and asked for forgiveness for the second time around. For me, I do not think she deserves another chance because she has been forgiven on her first offense. However, only the brother can decide if he is going to forgive and accept her or not. Good for her that her husband forgives her and gives her another chance.

You are lucky that he loves you very much and he is willing to forgive and forget everything you did you him. I really hope that for the third time, the chance that has been given to you won’t go wasted. You broke him into tiny pieces on the second time you left him and took the baby. We haven’t forgiven you yet, because what you did to him and to us is too much. Too much that it is too difficult to handle and face you now. Treasure that love he has for you and don’t hurt him ever again.

Make love not war

 photo ef80ef15-4bef-4b54-8ad9-8d96a2f5fcc6_zps2253f9a2.jpgI was attending a mass with my brother one Sunday morning (Easter Sunday).  Because arrived late, the church is so full and no more vacant seat.  We just stayed at the back standing which I like because I will get to take photos from where I stand.  While the mass is ongoing, my eyes are very busy looking for nice spots to capture.  Yes, I am not concentrating on the mass because my eyes are very busy, but still I am able to listen to the homily of the priest.  Well, a blogger like me always do that, look for a nice spots and take a photo.

One nice view that catches my attention was the printing on the guy’s shirt.   The printing says, “Make love not war”.  I bet you know the reason I took a photo of his shirt.  Good thing that printing was on the back of the shirt, otherwise, I wouldn’t bother to capture it even if it catches my interests.  Haha!  Anyways, caption on the shirt is so perfect in the world today.  We do really need to spread love to everyone to live a peaceful and happy life.  It is not easy though, but if we are to try it we can tell whether it is possible or not.  What do you think?

Show some love

My cousin is very sick and we are so sad about it.  There is a mass inside her stomach that caused her too much pain.  We do not know yet if it is benign or malignant.  We are so sad about it because her husband doesn’t really show he cares.  It’s been two days since my cousin is admitted in the hospital but her husband is not visiting her yet.  Only her kids, her sisters and some relatives are going there visiting her and brings food to her and her kids.  It breaks her heart to know that her husband did not even bother to ask how she is and if she is okay.

We do not have any idea of what her husband and her are going through.  All we are asking is for him to show some love and care to my cousin and his family.  They are family and they should help and support one another.  The husband supposed to be the partner, comforter and supporter but all those qualities are missing.  Tears are flowing from my cousin’s eye and that breaks our heart.  All she wanted is a support and love from the man she chooses to love and spend the rest of her life together with their four kids.

Right now we are waiting at the result of the ct-scan.  We are praying and hoping that her condition is not worse and may God bless her and her kids for her kids are her strength right now.

Whirlwind Romance

Indeed that love moves in mysterious ways because it arrives on the day we less expected it and happens so fast that caught us unaware.  There are several kinds of love I have noticed and heard from people.  One of these that caught my attention right now is the whirlwind romance.  At first I do not believed and it and always say impossible until I meet someone who is into this kind of romance.  I think it is cute because it really happens so fast and the next day they now are that they both are saying ‘I do’.  I smiled because their story is so cute and inspiring.  Makes me realized that no one knows when love is coming our way and knocking the doorstep of our hearts.  Their story is the great example of the kind of love that God has planned for us.  Better we have to be aware and always ready for the love that God is preparing for us.