The family spent time at the mall

Because of the father’s condition, we postpone the plans of having our family bonding because he cannot go with us.  Also, we cannot left at home and having fun while the father is having a hard time due to arthritis.  He cannot walk nor move his body the normal way because it seems like the arthritis.  He is not feeling well when I and older brother went to Bohol, and when we came back home still he can’t walk due to arthritis.  I can see in his face the boredom and irritation.  He continues taking the medicine prescribed by the doctors though.  We promised that when he gets a bit better, we will bring him to the mall to unwind and have our family bonding.

True enough the father gets better last week.  After church we went to the mall, have our lunch at our favorite fast-food chain and ordered our favorite value meal.  After lunch, we left the kids at their favorite play area while we are doing window shopping.  It really feels great seeing the family having fun and relaxing.  And it feels even better because the younger brother and his family came to spend time with us.  The whole family is complete spending time at the mall.  I wish for more family bonding, also wish for the father’s health.  I pray that his condition will get better and better.

Went to the mall first time

The sister’s house helper lives in the province far from the city.  In her 17 years of existence, she did not able to go to the mall once.  In the place where she lives, they only have small grocery stores to buy basic needs and stalls to buy clothes, gadgets, and the likes.  They are living the simple life so to speak.  Not just like in the big city where people usually go to the malls, parks, beaches, and other nice places on weekends.  She came here to work for my sister two months ago, but she did not able to go to the mall yet because we do not have time yet.  I do promise to bring her to the mall one day.

Two days ago, I went to the mall with her.  I am planning to go alone since I just withdraw some money for my father.  But when she told me that she want to go with me because she will be buying memory card for her phone, I said yes since I promised to bring her to the mall and do shopping or window shopping.  She did enjoy looking at the displays, the event in the entertainment area at the mall and looking at gadgets.  I guess she is planning to buy new phone.  Not sure though.  Her first time at the mall was a success because she went home with a smile.  She even said that we will go to the other mall next time.  Oh yes, I would be glad to tour you around the kinds of malls in the city.

Just the Four of Us

My two nieces are on vacation at their aunt’s place for a week, her mother’s sister.  I feel a little relief because I am so tired of their fighting.  Though kids are like that and I do understand them, just that it irritates me seeing them fighting rather than playing.  Looking after four kids at once it not easy.  When their parents told them to have a week of vacation I feel a little happy.  I will miss them but I will take this opportunity to relax and go out sometimes.

This morning my sister told me to accompany her at the mall.  Perfect timing because my two nieces are not here.  I said yes of course because I seldom go to mall because of the kids.  Though my one-year-old nephew is here, I bring him with us.  My sister, her baby, my brother’s son and me went to mall.  Just the four of us at last and it feels so good.  It is like a little treat from my sister and I am so happy because my nephew is enjoying himself at the mall.  Looking after for only one kid is not too tiring compared to three.