Feeling like a marriage counselor

Few days ago, the SIL visited in the hospital where my niece was admitted because of dengue fever.  It is nice seeing here and feels good that she visits us because they live far from us.  Just a bit sad because my brother and nephew was not able to come with her for some reasons.  Anyways, at the hospital the SIL shared to us about their problems.  She told us that my brother is not helping here doing the stuffs at their store.  I felt sad for her especially when I saw her crying.  Right there, I can tell that something is wrong with them and it is serious.

I do not want to jump into my conclusion, I want to talk to my brother first to know the real story because I know my brother very well, and he is not that kind of a person.  Good thing they’re in the city yesterday.  I really wanted to talk to them to resolve the misunderstanding before it will get worse.  We meet at the mall yesterday.  I did not waste time because they will go back after buying stuffs for their store.  Yes, I am acting like a marriage counselor.  Their issue/problem is very simple to make it big.  I talked to my brother and hear his side of the story.  Just like before the brother listened to me attentively.  I give my very best advice to my brother and I hope it helps.  I do hope that they will fix their issues soon for them to live a harmonious life.

I will surely think about it

Last week at the wake of my late cousin while talking to the other cousins, they open up the topic about me and my other cousin misunderstanding.  It has been five years now since the misunderstanding incident occur.  We have not talked to each other since then.  I did not bother to settle the things between us because I think it is useless knowing the attitude of my cousin.  I decided to just ignore her every time we see each other on birthdays, fiestas, and other events.  It is not easy I must say because we used to be good friends before.  It is just a pity quarrel that turns out into a big issue.

Anyways, my other cousin suggested that I should make the first move instead so we can move on and we forgive and forget.  To be honest, I have thought about it many times already and even consulted my family.  But they said no to me.  The wounds in their hearts is not healed yet.  I guess it needs more time to heal and finally will forgive and forget.  Only God knows what is gonna happen in the near future.  I will surely think about doing the first move of coming to hear and patched things but first have to consider my family’s opinion because they were hurt too by her words.

It feels really great

For the past weeks, I feel so stress because of the problems at home. The misunderstanding and arguments at home are becoming regular. It is very stressful indeed especially when the father utters words that are hurtful. I do not talk back at him when he nags because I am afraid I might say words that I might regret it after. However, the brother is different. He always reason out even if I told him not to argue with father. Well, they have the same personality and attitudes that is why they always clash. I am reminded the brother to be nice to father because he is old. His being to nagger is because of his age. I told him that if something happens to father; he will regret it for sure.

Lately, the house is at peace. Arguments and misunderstanding is lessening. They even have nice conversation in some issues, also hearing father laugh often. It really feels great to see them talking and laughing instead of arguing. The house now is a bit at peace and less stressful to me. I do hope that this would continue. Though misunderstandings do occur sometimes, I hope that it will resolve sooner so no more hurting words. I also hope that patience and love will prevail in our hurts.

I so wish they both agreed

It is given that in the family there are misunderstanding that leads to arguments.  I have been experienced a lot of this in the family between my father and my brother.  I do not know why their minds aren’t the same.  I mean they do not both agreed on a certain topic and issues.  May it be in news, sports, shows, and family matters.  They always argue even on little things.  I guess that is how they love each other.  Funny but that is how I think about it.  Seeing them arguing almost every day is frustrating.  I sometimes go in the middle and try to stop them.  Sometimes I success but most of the time it ends they both angry at me. Whew!

I so wish that even for once, they both agreed on the same issues/topics.  It would be nice to see them smiling and agreeing on a certain topic/issue and sharing their thought about it.  Though it is good to hear different views of a certain topic, however, seeing them arguing and shouting, I do not think it is good at all.  It is part of life and their choice though.  I cannot do something about it.  It’s just that the other party wants to oppose what the other party is trying to say.  That is why I just wish they both agreed for once.

Mere Misunderstanding

Last weekend, the finally went to the one of the famous resort in the city and spend two days and one night there.  We have some visitors to join with us.  Although it is a family getaway, we decided to invite close friends to make the escapade a bit more fun.  As they say the more the merrier.  The escapade was fun and memorable because we did enjoyed swimming in the white beach and the brothers also went fishing.  We smiled the whole time until the day we are about to go home.  I admit I get a bit mad because we went home earlier, the plan to take some photos of the family did not happen.  Better luck next time I guess.

Anyways, we were riding in a public vehicle when I noticed that the SIL is crying and looks so upset.  We tried to ask her on the moment but she refused to talk.  We just waited till we reach home and ask her.  However, she went directly to their room.  It was my brother who told us why his wife acted that way.  We are shocked and for a moment.  I let first the issue sink in my mind before explaining my side.  We were misunderstood my SIL sister.  I am sad because what she told us is not true.  If only they confronted me and clear the issue, the misunderstanding would have been avoided.  I hope that no more issue would come up because it is really a waste of time.  If same thing happens to you, do not hesitate to ask and clear things up so no more misunderstanding issue/s.