The pressured and stressed person in the family

When we say the word stress, it is more applicable to women especially to the mothers and the working mothers. They are more stress because they are loaded with lots of worries and pressured at work and at home. I can say it is true looking at my sister who is a mother and as a teacher as her job. She does not have enough time with her kids when she got home because she is very tired. Also, does not have time to be alone to re-charge and regain the energy she has lost. She is having a hard time of what to prioritize and what to come first. May it be herself, her kids or her job?

A mother who is a homemaker and an employee at the same time is a very challenging role. The stress they get at home and at work make them feel so exhausted. Since it is the life they choose, the best way that the mothers should do is to balance everything.  It needs to balance everything to cope up with the daily stress they are facing. No matter how busy they/you are, you should find few minutes or hours in a day to take care of yourselves. Busy mothers/women needs alone time for herself to recharge. Finding that moment to quiet sitting and breathing is a big help to recharge and stress-free.

How can they afford to leave?

I am watching a documentary show in local channel in television about babies/kids in the orphanage and those that are at home without a mother.  They have different stories like the mother married to another man, the mother cannot afford to raise the child, the mother is a single parent and no job, and the likes.  These are the reasons why they choose to leave, give their child away and put them in the orphanage.  The reasons that is not acceptable for me.  To me they are just being a coward and refused to take the responsibility as parent/s.  I mean, it is really unfair for the child.

Even if they are doing it for the welfare of the child, yet it is not the right thing to do if they know the word parent/s and responsibilities.  Others are praying to God to give them a child, but some do not act like parent/s to their child.  The world is unfair as the others are saying.  Because those who want it much don’t have it and those who do not want it, does have it.  Well, life is a mystery and only God knows why these things are happening.  I guess, we have to know that baby/kids/child is blessings from God.  We have to cherish the blessings because not all are blessed to have one.  However, even though they know that it is a blessing, how come some mother still afford to leave their baby/child behind?

Force to abort

I was watching the new yesterday when I saw about force to abort case in China.  I felt so bad for the baby knowing   that the fetus is seven months old.  How can a mother did such thing to her own flesh and blood?  Though I do not know the story why they forced to abort it, but still it is not a good act.  Seems like they do not value the beauty of life.  Why it has to be done where in fact the seven months old fetus is a baby already.  They took away the life of the baby to live and enjoy the beauty of life.

Abortion was legalized in some countries, even so, it is against the will of God.  I can’t seem to understand why the mother has the guts to do it knowing that it could risk their lives.  This is not a new case to anyone of us but hearing this very sad new breaks our heart especially those who value life very much.  I so wish that the mother will realized how precious the life is to become wasted.  And to those who undergone abortion and has the plan to do it, think twice before doing such things.

Memories will be there

In every beginning there is an end.  In every road there is dead end.  There is nothing that we can do but to accept it and start anew.  Though it hurts but this is part of our life that we have to make a wise decision.  No matter how painful it is, we have to accept that there are things that are not for us to have.  And that sometimes we have to say goodbye to someone.  We have to remember that goodbye is not really the end of every thing but a beginning of new life and new journey in life to take.

This is what my cousin is facing through right now.  She is still single and love kids a lot.  She likes to take good care of her nieces and nephew.  Last eight years ago, our cousin asked her a favor to take good care of her daughter because she will be working abroad.  She find it hard to say no when it comes to kids.  She’s been the mother, nanny and father of our niece for eight years.

The thing that she is afraid for is now going to happen.  Our cousin will be home soon and telling her to get her daughter.  She was shocked and do not know what to say but to give the girl to her mother.  After eight long years, for the first time they will be separated from each other.  Though she is prepared for this day to come, still she felt sad and lonely.  All will be left to her was memories of happiness and laughter they have shared for years.  She will miss her for sure but she is happy that she will be with her mother.