Six Months Therapy

With all the developments on the nephew’s after a year as pre-schooler, the sister (his mother) still think that the nephew is lacking.  He still needs improvement to be able to cope up with other kids.  The sister brought him to the child therapy center.  The director told the sister that the nephew is to shy.  He did not belong to the special cases, but he is at risk.  If we will not enroll him in therapy class the nephew may belong to the special child cases.  We felt sad for the nephew, and again the sister partly blaming herself for what happened to her son.  If only she is not a working mom, she my give more time to her kids.

Anyways, the nephew will undergo six (6) months therapy sessions.  He can enroll in normal class but with at maximum of 20 students only.  The nephew will go to school in the morning and therapy in the afternoon.  The nephew starts the therapy last month and so far the nephew has development.  If the nephew will get better before six months, we can stop the therapy and we will just do it at home.  The director will conduct seminars to the parents and guardians for us to know how to do the follow up therapy at home.  Hopefully the nephew will get better soon and he will be less shy.

Back to school

Tomorrow is the first day of school of my nephew after two weeks of vacation/sembreak.  It’s gonna be a battle persuading him to go to school especially now that his mom is home.  His mom, my sister just gave birth last October 31st and she is on maternity leave for two months.  I say it is a battle because the nephew is a mama’s boy.  When his mother is around he likes to be with her all the time.  He will not like to go out or go to school knowing that his mom is at home.  Just like what happen when his mother leave work for a day because of prenatal check up.

I am back to waking up early tomorrow, getting myself ready and the nephew and sending him off to school and fetching him.  Tomorrow they will start to do more activities in writing, and toothbrush lesson too.  I felt guilty because I did not teach him to write his name and letters.  I just allow him to play with his cousins and brother during sembreak/vacation.  Well, I just want him to enjoy moments with his cousins and brother.  I do hope that the nephew will show more improvements so he can be ready for kindergarten.  The nephew is in nursery class by the way, preparing him for kindergarten.

Encouraging him to do good

The results of the examinations of my nephew at school is not so good.  Though he got perfect score in other subjects, but his results in mathematics is very low.  He did not even get at least half of the items.  His mother is not happy of the results but did not nag her son.  They did study and review the previous lessons, but I think the nephew is not paying much  attention.  Well, he is only five years old, kids at this age prefers just to play than study their lessons.  Anyways, we go over the test papers so we can start again reviewing for their upcoming second quarter examination.

My sister is busy preparing her papers for maternity leave and she gets home very tired, she told me to do the review for her son.  Honestly, I do not like this job but I have no choice.  I am not good at this but I will do my very best to be of help for my nephew.  We started reviewing his lessons this morning, and my goodness it is not very easy.  Good thing I have lots of patience.LOL  I told him to do good for if he will get high score, his mother will buy him the toy that he wanted.  Yes, I am encouraging and motivates him so that he will pay attentions and will put in his mind what we have reviewed.  Our review lesson went well, I am wishing the nephew good luck.

Kids with disability

My nephew is studying at special school.  The school that is specialized in kids with disability.  They accept normal and with disability kids.  Everyday when I fetch the nephew, I saw kids with disability.  And seeing them reminds me of how blessed I am.  Yesterday I watched the practice of the nephew for their field demonstration presentation for the school foundation day.  It was fun watching the kids doing their individual moves.  Even if their is no synchronization, it makes all the parents proud of their kids participation, including me of course.  Watching the nephew showing no shyness makes me so happy.

Anyways, before the nephew’s scheduled time for practice, I get the chance to see the kids with disability practicing for their presentation.  I have seen all kinds of kids with disability. Watching them dancing is really amazing.  Most of them memorized all the steps.  I did enjoyed watching them smiling while dancing.  I can tell that they are having so much fun.  It feels like I am seeing normal kids enjoying.  I must say that these kids are really special.  I will for sure watch these kids perform on the foundation day, of course I will be supporting my nephew.  *wink*

Get well soon kids

Today is not a good day for us.  The three years old nephew and 13 years old niece has fever.  I keep on monitoring their temperature from time to time.  I was not able to take a nap and do my laundry because I have to watch the kids especially the nephew.  Fever scares me to death because of this dengue fever disease.  Dengue fever cases in our city is no joke.  The city government is already declaring a dengue fever outbreak.  Fever nowadays is scary that is why when any member of the family has fever, monitoring is important.

We have given the kids paracetamol for the fever, and vitamin C so they will regain strength.  Also give them small feeding.  It is really difficult seeing them sick.  Sometimes I wish that I have to power to transfer the illness to me because seeing them so weak and not energy at all is painful to me for I am used to see them laughing, playing, running around the house and fighting.  The niece took a half day class because she is not feeling well.  Her temperature jumped up to 40.2 and it is so alarming.  Now the nephew and the niece fever slows down.  I hope that they will get better soon.  God send your healing power to them. Amen!