New Year, New Beginning

The year 2016 just bid goodbye.  It was an awesome year for all of us even though we have encountered lots of problems, trials and difficulties.  At some point in our life we wanted to give up and stop moving, but the determination to go on with life no matter how difficult it is, made all of us surpass the trials in life.  The year 2016 is a tough year to our family.  I can say that our faith, strength, and patience were tested.  Thanks to God for the strength and focus mind He has given to us.  We are able to find ways on how to embrace the trials and difficulties we faced.

The year 2017 just sits in.  New year and new beginning for all of us.  We welcome the year 2017 with a blast and praying that this year would be a blessed year for the family and to all the people in the world.  We just have to continue what we are doing and improve it for the better future.  As for myself, I am thinking of starting a new business (small one).  I am not getting any younger, I have to think of something fruitful for this year.  I will still do what I am doing and do the things that makes me happy.  I hope and pray that I start the new year with new beginning.  For better me and wiser me.  Amen!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution

Oh yes, during new year people are busy listing and making their new year’s resolutions.  I am one of them however, I guess I will not making any new year’s resolutions because I did not able to push it through.  Well, I have a good start but end up quitting in the middle of doing it.  I lose motivation and concentration.  I am blaming myself for not having the so called determination.  Like for example, I want to lose weight and start dieting.  But I cheat most of the time every time I see tempting and sumptuous foods in front of me.  It is really difficult to say no.LOL!

I realized that if we want to change something or do something, we do not have to wait for the new year to come to make it happen.  We have all the year to do it.  It would be best if we do not have resolutions so we can make things happen any time we want.  Changes starts from us, we do not need new year to start the changes.  This 2016 I hope to do the things that I want to do and change.  May God guide me in all the things that I want to do.  I pray for more determination to make things happen for me to be able to reach my goal.  AMEN!

Do you make or have New Year’s Resolutions?  Any motivation for it to make it happen?  Share some so I can apply it.  *wink*

New Year, New Approaches

Last year isn’t bad at all to me.  I can tell that I am so blessed.  Aside from the gift of life that God has given to me, I also showered with lots of blessings.  I am so thankful that my 2012 was a fruitful one.  I did able to travel with the family at my parent’s province.  I meet blogger friends.  And I did able to buy the things that I want and did able to help my family financially.  Though it is not as big as others do, still I am happy that I shared my blessings to them.  I admit that I have met failures, trials and frustrations, but I am able to overcome it.  Those things made me stronger and better person.

Now that 2013 sets in, I wish that my life would be as fruitful as last year.  I probably be doing the same thing as last year, but will apply new approaches in life.  Since it is New Year, I should have new approaches as well.  I will do my very best to meet my goals in life.  And be ready for whatever trials and difficulties I may meet.  I have dreams, goals, ambitions and things that I wanted to have this year.  I do hope that this year would be the year to have it.  Even one of those is more than enough.   I hope that this year would be a blessed year for me and for everybody.  Happy New Year Everyone!

Glad we are complete

Last Christmas, the family is expecting our youngest brother to be home and celebrate with us.  However he just sent message to my father’s phone telling him that he cannot be with us.  We tried to call his phone but he will not answer.  The father asked him where is he, he will just say he is fine and wherever he is right now is his decision.  The whole family is sad because it was the first Christmas that we are not complete.  Even though we are sad, still we celebrate Christmas with smiles on our faces.  It was one memorable Christmas for the family.   Smiley

December 31, 2011, we attended a mass with the kids.  We did not expect that when we got home our younger brother arrived.  My wish was granted because we are complete.  The New Year celebration was complete because the brother is home.  The anger of my father has gone he moment he saw his youngest son.  Makes me wondering, how can the brother hurt our feelings especially our father.  The love of the father controls his anger and forgives the son.  We forgive and forget.  Apparently, the brother still decided to leave the house and live at his girlfriend’s house.  We are sad but we have to accept it for it is his decision.  The most important thing is that we are complete in celebrating the New Year and we are able to forgive and forget.   Smiley