In a Relationship

“In a Relationship”.  This is the status of my 13 year old niece.  Oh my God, she is growing so fast.  I look at her still like a little girl that I carried in my arms, but now, she already has special someone in her heart.  This is a good wake up call for me that I am old.  It finally sinks in that the little is slowly becoming a lady.  Hard to believe but I should.  If I am to ask, I do not want her to involve in a relationship at a young age.  I want her to study first, finish schooling and enjoy the single life.  Besides, she is still young.

In a relationship is not a bad status though.  As a student, the niece can make it as her inspiration to do good at school and can be her inspiration with the goals and ambitions she wants to achieve in the future.  As her aunt, I give her some advises to be not so impulsive, they should know their limitations because they are still young and a bright future ahead of them.  Just take it slowly but surely.  We have not meet the guy yet, because they keep it secret, it so happen that I discovered by accident.  Hopefully, we will meet the guy one day to know him and maybe give them both the piece of advice.

Wanted to become a teacher

 In their English class, the niece was asked about her dream to become in the future.  First, she wants to become a nurse, then computer related course, and now she wanted to become a teacher in the future.  Indeed the kid’s mind is changing.  She is confused because she has lots of things in mind.  She asked my opinion.  I was glad because she trusted me on that.  I just told her to listen and follow what her heart says.  She has to lists down the advantages and disadvantages of that profession she wants to become before deciding.  Also, she has to consider her interest of that profession for her to enjoy it more.  She told me she wants to become a teacher.

Even though she has seen how busy and difficult it is to take up this noble profession, still she wants to become one.  She is inspired by her aunt who is a teacher.  She also wants to teach kids in the future and to share her knowledge.  Well, her aunt is her role model.  She has the heart to teach kids and wants to be with kids.  Of course, her aunt is flattered and happy.  We hope that the niece will pursue this dream for her to share her knowledge and help mold the future generation to become a better person.  The niece has the long way to go, she might change her mind along the way.  Whatever it is, I pray that she will succeed in life and will achieve her dreams and goals in life.  Good luck to my niece.

Good to see her smiling again

Every day my life becomes lighter because of my four months old niece.  Seeing her smile brings more life to me always.  I do not feel tired after doing the household chores because of my bubbly niece.  I am her temporary nanny while her parents are still looking for a nanny.  While I am her nanny, I spend more time with her, kissing and hugging her.  Savor every moment with my niece and taking lots of pictures.  I always miss the niece’s contagious smile.  Last week, the niece is not feeling well.  I so missed her smile I must say.

She has a fever for four days.  We almost brought her to her pediatrician to check her up because we are so worried that it is dengue fever.  I am glad that her fever subsides after five days.  But sad because the niece’s body is full or rashes.  She keeps on crying maybe because she felt very itchy.  The rashes give the niece a hard time.  Her mother (my sister) give her antihistamine.  The niece feels better now.  The rashes are gone and she is back to being a bubbly kid.  I can see her pretty smile now.  I really missed it.  Thank God that the niece is okay now.  It is really good to see her smiling again.

The family’s new angel

The long wait is over for the family because today the sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  The family’s new angel and new bundle of joy.  For the 7th time, I am the happiest aunt in the world.  I really missed carrying baby in my arms and seeing a baby growing under my care.  Yes, you heard it right I will be the nanny of this new angel in the family.  My sister is looking for a babysitter though, but it is really difficult to find a good one nowadays.  For the mean time I will be the babysitter/nanny.  I do hope I have enough strengths to watch three kids at once.

This angel is an answered prayer.  The sister has been praying to God to give her a baby girl and now she has a baby girl.  Her little princess.  I can’t help but to smile after seeing Lianne for the first time in the nursery room.  I have been waiting for her arrival and really excited to see how she looks like.  And now I am seeing her and will be carrying her soon.  Indeed she is an angel.  Pretty little Lianne in the family.  Welcome baby Lianne!  We love you very much.  Your mommy can’t wait to carry you too.


Wanted to become a teacher

I remember when she was in grade school my niece says that she wanted to become a nurse.  She wants to help treating people in the hospital.  Also, told me that she wants to work abroad to help the family financially.  I am amazed because at early age she thinks of the future of her family.  And that is a good sign that the niece is being responsible and loving to her parents.  As the time, days, months, years passed by the niece’s dreams to become nurse is fading away.  She has no interest at all.  She told us that she wants to become a teacher like her mommy (her aunt).  She idolized her mommy (her aunt) that much.

Yesterday, was their career guidance program at school.  They were told to wear the prescribed clothes for the career they want to pursue and become.  And the niece chooses to become a teacher.  She said she wants to be like mommy.  Instead of treating sick people in the hospital, she likes to teach the future generation.  She wants to be part of their journey to success.  The niece has a point on that.  She thought of helping the future generation to become a better person and successful individual.  And that left me speechless.  Indeed the niece is growing so fast.  Her thoughts of the future and the dreams she wants to become someday makes me so proud of her.  I do hope that she will be able to reach her dreams, pursue the career she wants and become a successful person someday.  Way to go niece.  Don’t stop reaching your dreams, aim high and reach your goal in life.