Get well soon niece

One thing that I do not want to see is any member of the family get sick or hospitalized especially the kids.  That is why I always reminded the kids to watch what they eat, take extra careful when going/playing outside, eat on time, not to eat too much junk foods, and the things that will make them sick.  I have seen two of them hospitalized before and it breaks my heart seeing them so weak and not in good condition.  However, as the niece grows older, she is a bit stubborn.  I have to warn them many times or even get mad at them.  And no matter how I tried to make them understand, kids are kids. They will do the things they want when older aren’t looking. arghs!

Because of the stubbornness, the niece is now sick and admitted in the hospital.  She has been suffering from abdominal pain for two days.  We went to the doctor to have her checked and took the prescribed medicines but still she is in pain.  Seeing the niece suffering from pain tears my heart, I wish to take the pain and have it instead.  This afternoon we decided to bring her to the hospital.  The pediatrician told us that she needs to be admitted.  I am so sad, but it is best for her to get right treatment and get better soon.  I pray to God that the niece will get better soon so we can see the smiles we used to see on her face every day.

Doing her project alone

Before I usually helped my nieces in doing their assignments and projects because I know the feeling of doing it all alone when I was still studying.  Looking at them reminds me of the time when I was still a student and no one is there to help me with my assignments and projects.  That is why I can’t just watch them alone and will not lend a help.  It is not easy to do it alone, it is still best to have someone helping you and giving ideas, views and opinions.  As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.

However, I realized that it is not good to help them always.  How can they learn and being independent?  So, I opted to just let them do their assignments and projects.  If they asked for any help I will still help them but only when they desperate.  Letting them do their stuffs is training them of being independent and for them to squeeze their brains.  Also, for them to develop their creativity, skills and ability.  Just like today, I just give her an idea and a theme as guidelines for her to come up with a nice design and interesting scrapbook.  Hopefully the niece will come up with a nice one.  By the way, it is fun watching her very busy doing her project.  Good luck niece!

Mr. and Ms. Communication Arts Aspirant

My niece will going to represent her class for Mr. and Ms. Communication Arts.  I am so happy for her because she slowly coming out from her shell.  Well, it was her teacher’s idea for her to join.  Her teacher picked her to represent their classroom and her teacher said, that he will not take a NO answer.  In other words, the niece has no choice.  I like also the idea of her teacher because joining beauty contest is one of my greatest dreams.  Again, I am seeing myself in her fulfilling my childhood dreams.  So, I am supporting my niece on this.

She is still an aspirant because they will have an elimination round.  And the school will pick the final contestants at the elimination round.  I so wanted to see the niece but was not able to.  I just wish her good luck and tell her to project and practice the catwalk.  Also, told her to show her confidence to wow the judges.  I do hope that the niece will make it and surpass the elimination round.  I really want to see her compete with other girls and to see how smart, witty and confident she is.  Good luck to you niece.  Continue to shine and reach your goal to the top.  I am so proud of you even if you’re so stubborn.LOL!

She wants it, now she got it

One of her goal when their class started, she wants to be on the top.  She did not able to be in the fast learner class and she is very sad about it.  But hearing that she still have the chance to be in the fast learner class if she will finished top one in their class.  So, she set her goal and will do her very best to get it.  My niece is a very competitive kind of person.  I am pretty sure that she can do it.  First grading period was not a good start for the niece because she finished in third place.  I can see the sadness in her eyes and I told her that she still have the chance to get what she wants.  Just study hard and set the goal a bit high.

The motivation I gave to her was a success because the niece is the top one in their class for second grading.  She is the happiest girl in the world and I am so proud of her.  Because you want it, now you got it!  Two more grading to go in determining if you will make it to the fast learner class.  Long way to go my niece.  Keep up the good works and double the hard work to maintain in the top position till fourth grading.  Congratulations!

Partly, I am blaming myself

A friend of mine offered me a puppy years ago, I said no then because of the kids at home.  It is not safe having puppy with lots of kiddos at home.  It best to be safe.  I told her to offer me again after three years.  I really wants to have a puppy just like hers.  I am glad that she offered me again four months ago.  I am so excited because the puppy is really cute.  My puppy is now four months old.  The kids loves to play with him.  I always remind the kids to not go near the puppy, do not play with him and not to bother the puppy when eating.

Even if I reminded the kids all the time, kids are kids.  They like to tease the puppy, make the puppy run after them and carry the puppy.  Just recently, my niece accidentally bite by the puppy.  I am so angry, worried and sad.  As much as I do not want to think negatively, I can’t help it.  I am thinking the worst thing.  I even think that if something bad happened to my niece, I am to blame.  The niece had vaccine shots already, but needs to more shots.  I hope after the three shots, the niece is safe.  Also, I am praying to God that the puppy is free from rabies.