Career guidance week at school

One of the activity at school is career guidance.  It is like knowing what would be the students want to be when they grew up.  They will be wearing the costume of what they want to be in the future.  You will be seeing young professionals.  And that makes the career guidance week exciting.  The kids are so cute wearing different costumes of professionals like nurse, police, army, chef, flight attendant, teacher, lawyer, politicians, and much more.  Parents are giving their best to make their kids look like one.  I must say the parents are supporting their kids and so proud of their kids.  One thing that is nice about their career guidance week is that the kids will have an idea of they would like to be when they grow up.

My two nieces who are in high school level wanted to become a teacher and so they are wearing the uniform of the teacher.  The nephew in grade three wears the uniform of the policeman.  And my grade one nephew wears the cap of an engineer.  He changes his profession now.  Before he wants to become a soldier because he wants to serve the country and to keep the safety of everybody.  But lately, he likes to draw houses and buildings and he keeps on saying that he wants to become an engineer.  The nephew is still six years old but he dreams of building the big house for his family.  He has big dreams I must say and I hope that it will come true.  As I can see, he is determined to become an engineer, it is a long way for him, and I wish him all the best and he will succeed in life.

Finished with honors

One of the most important parts in the life of a student is to be recognized for the job well done after a year of studying and going to school.  This is the much-awaited event of their life.  All the sacrifices of the students and parents are paid off because of the academic awards and merits of their children receives on the recognition day and graduation day.  It is indeed the happiest day of their lives.  To be able to finish the school year and graduate is the best gift that we could give to our parents but with awards and merits is the sweetest.  They sacrifices and difficulties will surely vanish.

This is what I saw in my brother’s eyes because his two daughters finished with honors during their recognition and graduation day.  His kids always make him proud since kindergarten.  They always make their parents happy and I am so proud of my nieces and nephews.  Good job kids.  It will be a long and rough road ahead of you but I am pretty sure you will go a long way because you have the determination to go farther and have dreams to become successful one day.  Continue what you are doing kids and always pray to God.  Congratulations again!

Movie date with my nieces

I admit I am an avid fan of the country’s phenomenal love-team ALDUB.  I’ve never been this addicted to any of the love-teams in the country.  I myself can’t believe that I am hooked to this AlDub love team.  Well, maybe because they are natural and happens accidentally.  It started with a simple smile and wave and the rest is history.  The AlDub love-team first starring movie is now showing nationwide.  The title of the movie is Imagine You & Me.  I do not want to let it passed just like that.  I will for sure find time to watch the first ever starring movie of my idols.  I have watched the thriller and I so like it.  It is a hit for sure.

Since I do not have special someone to bring with me, I take bring my two nieces with me who happens to be an AlDub fan like me.  It was a wonderful movie date with my nieces last Sunday.  We are having a great time watching the movie f our idols, done window shopping and eating our favorites.  I spend much last Sunday but no regrets because I spent it with my love ones.  Even though they give me so much headache, still they are so dear to me.  Hopefully we can do bonding more for it is really fun.  And we are waiting for the next movie of our idol the AlDub.  Oh, before I forgot, the movie is great.  You should watch it.

Searching for new hairstyle for the nieces

I love fixing the hair of my nieces when they have activity at school or when I feel like doing it.  Also, when I saw an interesting hairstyle, I like to try it too and my nieces are my models.  They like me doing it to them because they feel very pretty after seeing the result.  I have tried braided hairstyle to them and they like it, in fact it is their favorite.  But I find it boring doing the same hairstyle.  It would be best if I have new hairstyle.  I once tried the one I saw online, it is very difficult for me.  The procedure online is not detailed and I find it hard to copy.

The nieces will be joining Santancruzan (Procession, StreetParade) in our village and they will be wearing gowns.  Of course, they asked me to do the hair and make-up.  My talent will be tested again.LOL  I have done the same last year and they like the braided hairstyle.  This time, I want to try different hairstyle.  I am searching for different hairstyle online but haven’t found the one that is easy to copy.  I do not want to do the braided hairstyle again even if the girls love it.  I want to try something new, I hope to find one soon because I have two days left.  I will show it to the girls and see if they like it, if not, well I guess I have to make the one that they like.  Trying hard hairdresser here. *wink!

Teaching them to clean their clutters

The girls(my nieces) are on one week vacation from school because of the All Saints and All Souls day.  The kids are very much happy because they will have more time to play and having fun with their friends.  They are happy because they can sleep late and wake up late.  Also, no assignments make and no study of lessons.  A week of vacation is too long and lots of time to play, that is why I told the brother to tell his daughters to clean their clutters.  Their school bags are so messy, the area where they put their bags is not properly arranged and their books on the shelf is well arrange.

Honestly, I asked the girls first to clean their clutters and to help me doing the household chores.  However, seems like they do not like what I have said because they just look at me and didn’t answer.  So, I do not have any choice but to ask their father’s (my brother) help.  Their father told them the things they have to do while they are on vacation.  They have to finish the chores assigned to them and cleaning their own clutters before they can go out and play.  They have to do it right because their father will check in the evening.  Thanks for the brother for helping me and for not thinking that I am abusing his daughters.  I am just trying to teach them in cleaning their clutters, do some light household chores for them to become responsible persons when they grow older.