Folding Lesson

I was folding some clothes when my two nieces bugging me by trying to help.  I do not want to be disturbed when I am folding because I have to finish it before my nephew wakes up from afternoon nap.  These two nieces of mine are very hard headed and so we end up very noisy.  Even if I told them to stop, still they are folding clothes even if they do not know how to fold.  I can see it in their eyes that they wanted to help me, and so I decided to teach them how to fold clothes.   Instead of wasting my energy telling them to stop, I start to teach them do the folding.  I am so happy that after five attempts, they now know how to fold shorts and arrange their cabinet.  A new learning for them and I am so glad they are not the kind of kids that is always wants to just play.

I have always wanted to teach them some household chores for them to become a responsible person when they grow older.  I have taught them on doing the dishes and sweeping the floor.  Their new lesson for this week is folding their clothes.  I wish to teach them more household chores, the things that my mother has taught me.  What I am right now is because of my mother and I want them to grow up a responsible one.