Hope they would you stop being so curious

I admit I am curious about a person’s life especially if that person is dear to me and special to me. I like to know and hear their whereabouts, what keeps them busy, how is their life and the likes. I know it is not good to be that nosy to others life however, I do not ask personal questions or something about their personal life because it is invasion of privacy. Also, I do set some limitations so I won’t cross the dangerous line. I do not want to go beyond because it will ruin our relationship. Also, I do respect someone’s personal affair/life.

But I do not understand why others do like to be nosy and curious about others personal life. I am saying this because someone is too curious about my life especially the love life. Asking me if I have a man yet, when will I get married as I am not getting any younger. To be honest, it is irritating asking the same questions every time we see each other. As far as I could, I am trying to ignore them but sometimes it gets into my nerves and I want to yell at them. Yes, there is more than one person who is so interested about my personal life. I know I am curious about others life too but not this curious because I know the feeling. I do hope that these people will stop bothering, being too curious about my life and would rather mind their own business.

Let go and let God

In our life, committing mistakes is inevitable.  As they say we are all human and that is normal.  Yes, it is becoming normal because mistakes are part of our life.  There is nothing wrong in committing mistakes provided that we learn from it and be stand corrected.   Sometimes in our life, we say and do things that may hurt the feelings of others.  We thought that what we did was just fine but in real, we hurt someone.  The conflicts happen to family members, relatives, friends and people close to us.  It can resolve easily if both parties are willing to reconcile, accept mistakes and learn to forgive and forget.  It is never easy because people’s pride is sometimes very difficult to swallow.

The best way to resolve conflicts is when the parties are listening when other party is talking and vise versa.  This is the reason we have given two ears and one mouth because God wants us to listen more that to speak.  It is best if we listen first because we will know the feelings of other and at the same time knows what we did to start the conflicts.   I am saying this because there are lots of conflicts and misunderstanding that are unresolved.  It is sad knowing that both parties are hurting each other by throwing of not so good words at each other.  These hurting words may hurt the feelings of our love ones, but if we are to look at it closely, the words we throw to someone might come back to us unexpectedly.

So, if there is conflicts in the family, friends and relatives let us not make it worse.  Instead, we sit down, talk and listen.  Once the root of the conflicts are tackle, we have to learn to let go of those anger, mad and other feelings that is not worth to keep.  Let’s us start a new and live like nothing happens.  It is hard I know, however if we let God enter in our hearts and mind all will be found.  Let go and let God touch your heart.

Korean Cultural Center

It started with the Korean drama invasion here in the country, many are hooked up and wanted to learn their language and culture.  To others it is a new adventure in life and new learning to add.  Many are interested because of what they have seen in different drama that is aired in the country and some of their songs that is called K-Pop.  In this reason, Korean cultural center is put-up for everybody to learn Korean culture.  Lots of lessons are being conducted for free.  So everyone who is interested is free to come and learn Korean language, cooking, dancing and many more.  All are given to those interested individual.

There is nothing wrong with it as the country has diplomatic relationship with the Korean government.  It is like exchanging of cultures and learning from it.  I just wish the will not lead to comparison between the cultures.  If ever we wanted to learn other culture, let’s not forget our culture because this is how we brought up from our oldies.

If you were to ask, is putting up Korean Cultural Center in the country is a good one?  Or just trying to confuse others between two cultures?  Is this for good or bad?

May 21, 2011-Judgment day?

Many are confused, scared, worried, sad and the like.  In short people have mixed emotions after hearing that May 21, 2011 is the judgment day.  End of the world as they say.  I am a bit confused because of what I have seen and heard in the news today.  There is a person who is spreading that tomorrow is the end of the world.  I do not know what are their intentions are and if they have any proof that tomorrow is the end of everything.  Some people are panicking and do not know that to do.  This news has brought mixed emotions to all of us.

For me, I think instead of spreading this not so good news, it is better for us to pray together and spread love to everybody.  Keep the faith in God for only He knows what’s going to happen.  It is true that it is stated in the bible about judgment day, but the date when it’s going to happen is unknown.  We are all aware that there would be judgment day but no one knows when it’s going to be.  Even churches do not know when because only God knows when and how will the world end.

Let us pray together and keep the faith in Him.

Making Issues

I have a friend who just graduated from a four years course in college.  It is her dream to get a diploma to find a good job to help her family financially.  She is working at the same time schooling.  She even does not have time for herself to take a rest because of her schedule.  She stayed at the house of her boss since her job was to do household chores.  She carried it all for the sake of her dream to come true one day.  Through her hard work she was able to make her dream come true after she get her college degree diploma.

After graduation she applied for work from different.  After a month, she luckily find a job.  Indeed, she is so blessed and will be blessed because her plans are good.  She then talked to her present boss about leaving because she got a new job.  She said, it was a nice conversation between her and her boss.  Her boss is happy for her and also wishes her the best.  After two days of leaving, she learned that her boss is making an issue.  Issues like stealing things and money.  So degrading on her part that makes me angry after hearing it.  I do not know if her boss really happy of her achievements or just does not want her to succeed.

Yes, she had helped my friend to let her stay at her house but she work for it.  I just hope she will be able to overcome it and clear her name.