Happy to have a phone

Months ago I bought a new phone because my old phone does not charge.  Even though it has a sentimental value to me because it is a fruit of my labor back when I was a dealer of beauty products.  I felt guilty to buy new phone because the old one can be fixed.  But I am thinking to give myself a present after working so hard online.  That is why I decided to buy new phone and  gave the old phone to my SIL since she said she will bring it to the cellphone repair shop.

I thought the SIL was just kidding when she said she will bring it to the repair shop.  But today I am surprised to see it on the hands of my niece.  The reason I did not see the phone it is because it was on the repair shop.  The phone is in good condition now, the part where the connection to the charger has been replaced.  The niece is so happy because her mother give it to her.  I saw on her face the same look when I got a new phone years back.  She was so excited and keep on asking of our numbers to be restored in her phonebook. Emoticon

Now that the niece has new cellphone, I just hope that she will be a responsible one and will always take good care of her things.  Though she is not allowed to bring it at school because she might lost it.  She will be contented in operating her cellphone when she got home from school.


For a perfect signal

When I visited the province of my parents last month, I had a hard time in communicating with the family back home because the signal of the phone is very weak.  There are times that I have to climb on the tree just to get a single signal.  It is really hard to send message through phone.  I find it hard also in making a call.  I am glad I found this wilson cell booster canada that I can use every time I travel.  It allows me to have a perfect signal in my phone.  I can tell that the problem is solve when I go visit again at my parents province.  I can make a call and send messages easy and fast.

My Second Technology Gadget

At first it was impossible for me, but then again I tried my best to make this impossible possible.  I am in the world of blogosphere for two years now and I can say that those years was blessings for me.  I have been blessed doing one of my passions in life which is writing and earning from it.  It was a hobby at first but right now I am getting unexpected blessings from doing it.  I owe this all to my friend Anne who convinced me to do blogging.


I am saying this because just this month I bought my second technology gadget and this is my new mobile phone.  I can say that this is the fruit of my labor.  I am so happy because I did not expect that I can buy things that I want.  First investment was my laptop, I am still paying for it monthly.  Soon this will be completely mine after paying it full.  And second is my mobile phone.  This is not an expensive one but the thought that I bought these from the money I earned in blogging makes me cry.  It is really makes impossible possible.  I am the happiest person in the world because of the blessings that I have received.  Even though I am using simple English in writing, I can definitely say I am a proud blogger and will be doing it forever.

The best phone for me

My old phone was busted because it feels on the floor.  It was a wrong timing I must say because I do not have money to buy a new one.  I already brought it to the shop to repair it but the expenses is as high as buying a new one.  Since the amount of repair is as high as buying a new one, I decided to buy new phone.

I am searching online of what would be the best phone to buy.  There are lots of phones to choose from and it is really confusing.  But will all those nice phones I have seen, there is only one that catches my interest.   I can tell that this Superphone is best to buy.  Aside from this one is a cute phone; the features are good as well.  This is the kind of phone that I am looking for.  My searching is over because I already seen the best phone for me.