My sister, My Confidant

I am the type of person who keeps what I really felt.  I do not feel like sharing it to others because I do not want to bother them with my rants, complains and issues in life.  It felt like I am taking their precious time listening to my issues.  Yes, I know that I am being so negative but that is me and I wish to eliminate it but just can’t.  If only I have my mom to listen to, it would have been different.  But unfortunately she left us early.  I was nine (9) when my mom departed.  No mother to talk to when I am confused and need someone to talk to.

Even so, I am still glad that I have my older sister.  She is like a mother to me.  She is always there for me.  Her ears are always ready to listen to my complains and issues.  And gives me advises.  We have each others back so to speak.  She is my sister and my confidant.  She fills up my mother’s absences.  I felt really sad when she got married.  I thought that I lost her and thought that no one will listen to me anymore.  But every time I am confused and needs someone to talk to, her house is always open for me.  Thank you sister for being there when I need you.  Thank you for the love and the support all the time.  I never imagine life without you.

Thinking of venturing into another business

The motorcycle of my sister is on standby for eight months now.  It is used as public utility vehicle in our village but when my older brother got a job, he stopped driving and their extra income has stopped too.  She is looking for a driver but have not found one with driver’s license.  There are some applying as driver but no driver’s license.  Since they can’t find driver for their motorcycle, the sister and her husband decided to surrender the franchise and send the motorcycle to the province of her in-laws.  It is useless to keep it, not earning and continue paying the tax.

This is the reason why the sister is thinking of venturing into another business.  It would be best if they have extra income aside from their salary.  She asked me of a nice business to start because she wants us to be partners.  I have already suggested of a possible business to start but she is not liking.  I think I should conducts feasibility study, good business plan, where to put it, profitable business and of course our target market.  It is not an easy job to do I must say, however, I will try my very best.  Hopefully when I am done with the study and survey, the sister will like it so we can start the business sooner.  Good luck to us!

Four more days

Yes, four more days left and the sister will go back to work.  And she is sad because she will be missing her two months old baby.  Though it won’t take long because the classes will end in a week time, still she’ll be missing her son.  Much to my delight because I will have more time with my cute little nephew who will be at the house while the sister is working.  Many say that it would be very tiring for me because three kids will be under my care.  I can handle it though because I am used to it.  Also, the nanny is there to help me taking care of the kids.

The sister is so ready to go back to school this Monday.  She is checking her school uniforms, bag and the stuffs inside her bag.  She already talked to her substitute teacher about the grades of the students, the records and the results of the 4th grading exams.  Tomorrow the sister will be going to the school to get things ready before Monday so that when she returns to her classroom, all is fix and ready.  Because the sister has few more days left, she is enjoying the time with her two sons.

Just because she wanted to help

To help others in need is one thing that the sister would do even if she doesn’t have any left in her pocket.  To her, to help others is a joy in her heart.  It is tried and tested because the sister has lending help to the family, her friends, relatives and colleague.  At times, I don’t agree with her because she has been fooled many times by some of her friends and acquaintances.  They just promised to help her but in the end; they were nowhere to be found.  Still she wants to lend help when she was asked.  I can tell that the sister has a very soft heart.   She is very easy to approach so to speak.

 Anyways, someone messaged on her phone asking for a help because her family member is in the hospital.  The sister felt pity because she knows the feeling of looking for money because a member of the family is in the hospital.  Because she wanted to help, the sister sends money to someone through money courier.  I told the sister not to send money because she can’t just trust someone whom she doesn’t see.  If the person borrows money, she has to come personally.  But sad to say the sister didn’t listen.  To make the long story short, she is fooled once again.  The sister never learned her lesson I must say.  I am so mad at her, but it is no use for we cannot get it back.  What is done is done.  I just comforted the sister because she needs it very badly.  Just because the sister wanted to help, she was fooled.  We just commit it to the Lord and we hope that the person will pay the sister soon, even if we do not have any idea who she was.

The house title

The sister bought the house they rented for months.  After living in the house for almost two years, they finally bought the house from the owner.  They also paid the amount of the house from the home mortgage.  After three months of waiting, the title of the house arrived.  The problem is that the name written on the house title is the name of the original borrower.  The sister felt sad because this means they are going to spend money to change the title of the house to her name.  But before doing so, the sister has to pay the taxes to the BIR.  She doesn’t want to because she is out of budget; however, she doesn’t have any choice.

The sister wanted to finish everything before she give birth, but she was not able to.  Since the taxes, keeps on increasing every day, the sister asked a favour from me.  So, I went to the BIR and process everything so that the title of the house will be change to her name.  The processing of the payment and the documents took me to days to finish it.  Tiring because of the bad weather, but I am glad I finished paying the taxes.  The sister can now change the house title to her name.  We were just waiting for the certification to arrive then; the sister can now go to the registry of deeds for the transfer of name title.