Back to school

Tomorrow is the first day of school of my nephew after two weeks of vacation/sembreak.  It’s gonna be a battle persuading him to go to school especially now that his mom is home.  His mom, my sister just gave birth last October 31st and she is on maternity leave for two months.  I say it is a battle because the nephew is a mama’s boy.  When his mother is around he likes to be with her all the time.  He will not like to go out or go to school knowing that his mom is at home.  Just like what happen when his mother leave work for a day because of prenatal check up.

I am back to waking up early tomorrow, getting myself ready and the nephew and sending him off to school and fetching him.  Tomorrow they will start to do more activities in writing, and toothbrush lesson too.  I felt guilty because I did not teach him to write his name and letters.  I just allow him to play with his cousins and brother during sembreak/vacation.  Well, I just want him to enjoy moments with his cousins and brother.  I do hope that the nephew will show more improvements so he can be ready for kindergarten.  The nephew is in nursery class by the way, preparing him for kindergarten.

Happy to see them again

One thing that I look forward to every time I went on a vacation at my parents province is to meet my cousins there.  I seldom see them because we live far from each other.  I do not have enough time to talk to them and have simple bonding.  I am so excited when my father told me that we are going to the province.  He needs to visit his mother and father’s grave and all his departed love ones.  This is the perfect time to spend time with my cousins there.  The vacation was more fun because some of my cousins that are living in Manila (Luzon) is on vacation too.

My nine (9) days vacation was so fun.  The cousins and I had more time to talk.  We went to the plaza together the see the fiesta activities.  I was not able to go with them when they go to the disco because of my two nephews.  Well, I am not into that for now.  I am too old to go the disco house.haha!  Anyways, I so happy to see them again after four years.  Too bad I have to go back home first because the brother has to back to work.  Hope we can do more bonding in the future.  And hope to have long vacation too.

He is going with us

I have mentioned in my earlier post about us visiting the younger brother because we wanted to tell him about us having one week vacation at my parents province.  We went to his place a week ago.  Told him the planned vacation.  We did not get his answer right away because he said he will tell it to the owner of the place where he works at because no one will replace his place if he leaves work for a week.  I am a bit sad because we really wanted him to go with us since he is member of the family.  I am afraid he will not going with us.  Though he told us that he will try to find someone who will take his place while he is on vacation.  We will just have to wait for three days.  There is still hope that he will be going with us.

True enough, the younger brother called the father’s mobile phone after three days.  I am happy because it means he will be going with us.  Well, I am just assuming that he will.  After their conversation over the phone, I asked the father if he will be going with us.  I smiled after hearing what the father just said.  It’s a YES!  The family vacation will be wonderful because the family is complete.  Thanks God for this.  After the birthday of my late mother, we will have our one week vacation.  woohoo!

Destination for a vacation

Because of the busy schedule, we find it hard to do a vacation more than once in a year.  We are running out of time to find time where we can spend days with the family away from work and busy city.  This is the reason, we go on vacation once a year.  And since this happens once in a year, might as well make it a wonderful vacation where the whole family have some fun and excitement.   So, when looking for a place to visit Orlandoescape is the perfect destination for a vacation.

There are lots of Things To Do In Orlando, that would make the vacation an awesome experience.  The parks, resorts, and other tourist attractions are sample of the best things to do on while on vacation at Orlando.  Lots of tourists attractions to choose from.  The decision is yours on how and where you are going to spend the vacation.  Whatever it is, Florida won’t allow you to leave with sad faces because Orland is the place to be for vacation destination.  So, enjoy the place and make good memories in this place.

The best place to go for vacation

I dream to bring the whole family to a wonderful vacation. I want it to be worth it and memorable one that is why I am searching for the best place to go.  This vacation is first time for the family and I want it to be a wonderful experience for everyone.  Good thing I found the perfect guide where I can find the best place to go for the whole family’s vacation.  The infographic below indeed helps me in making a good choice for a perfect family getaway.


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