Did not recognize me

Part of my plans while I am here having a short vacation at my parents province is to visit my aunts and cousins that I have not seen for a long time.  We are doing the quick visit since our stay here if only for five days.  It was tiring visiting one houses after the other because we have to walk a bit far.  But wonderful feeling because we are doing the walking exercise at the same time.lol  It is a wonderful feeling talking to my cousins both from my mother’s and father’s side.  The only problem is that my grandmother and some aunts did not recognize me.  It is so funny because my aunt is surprised and have a wondering thoughts after I greeted her.  She asked, “who I am.”  Well, I did introduced myself but still did not recognized me.  I called my father to rescue me.lol

Talking to my aunt makes me feel sick because I am shouting while having conversation with her.  My aunt went deaf and I felt so sorry for her.  I learned that because she carried too heavy things, she went deaf.  I wish that her kids will bring her to the hospital to have her check by the doctor.  Her situation is hard and I wish I could help her.  I just pray that her kids will see her condition soon.